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Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Tarotscopes: Forecast for September 15-October 15

September 28, 2022

Tarotscopes: Forecast for July 15-August 15

Chandana Chavan is a Bangalore-based tarot card reader with over 15 years of experience and special interest in parenting. Instagram:@mystic.muse.tarot

Aries: 6 of swords
Are you pushing your child into too many classes/ tuitions in pursuit of all-round development? This is affecting her ability to focus and is diluting the quality of everything she’s doing. Help her to organise her schedule to successfully juggle school, tuitions and co-curricular activities. You need to cut her some slack.

Taurus: The Hermit

Your child may have a romantic interest. Ascertain the real reason for her participation in selected activities or classes. Romance or excessive obsession with friends is likely to distract and interfere with her academic schedule. Monitor the company she’s keeping. Don’t allow her to take advantage of your liberalism.

Gemini: Queen of Swords

Your child needs professional career guidance and counselling/mentoring. She is hardworking and will succeed in a slow and steady manner. Not a cause for worry. If she’s planning to study abroad or away from home, support her. Her future is bright.

Cancer: 7 of cups

Your child has the luxury of choice. She is undergoing a transformation personally and academically. Allow her to explore and research study areas which interest her. Everything is shaping beautifully. All you have to do is wait and watch.

Leo: Ace of Pentacles

Your child may choose a career path very different from yours/family. This risk will pay off. Trust her choices. Remember she has access to very different set of opportunities than you did. You might not understand the prospects of her chosen career path, but she does

Virgo: Two of Swords

You will receive compliments from fellow parents on your parenting skills. But keeping up with your child’s schedule, pace and energy levels is pushing you towards burnout. You’ve given your child all you’ve got. It’s time for you to take a break and relax.

Libra: Queen of Swords
Talk to your child’s teachers, tutors etc, to understand her classroom behaviour and academic performance. You might be trapped in self-delusion about her. She may be very different from what she is at home.

Scorpio: The Magician

It’s time to become your child’s friend. Try to understand her point of view. And you will suddenly notice that the fights and arguments reduce drastically. Two-way communication will ease your relationship with her. This time it’s your turn to change.

Sagittarius: 4 of Pentacles

Your child is unable to decide her future course of study. This is causing you anxiety, as you need to make financial decisions to secure her future. However take one day at a time. Don’t worry about finances. There will be abundance. Times are changing for the better.

Capricorn: King of Wands

Avoid comparing your child with peers. She is unique. Don’t burden her with your unrealistic goals and expectations. Your inconsiderate behaviour will prompt her to abandon you. Remove the blindfold from your eyes.

Aquarius: 10 of Cups

Refrain from following fellow parents’ parenting style or advice. Nurture your child according to your own instincts and values. Do what you think is right. No need to envy other parents. Your bond with your child is special and deep. Follow your intuition.

Pisces: The Star

You have a profound influence on your child. She has the ability and skills to do well in life. A holistic upbringing will benefit her greatly. Allow her to pursue mindfulness and meditation.

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