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Teacher Talk – 1

The classroom is a great place to build soft skills. Every class contains students with different skills, personalities and qualitites. Bringing out the best in each person is a challenge for the teacher.
With planned activity, each person can be encour-aged to use her soft skills better. Try this:

Break the class into small groups. Each group can be given a task relating to classroom management. One can maintain the bookshelves, one can focus on class decor, and another can focus on helping with attendance and collecting homework.

In all groups, every person gets a turn to be group leader. They can plan how they want to discharge their group duty.

The teacher should keep a close watch on all groups, encouraging teamwork and cooperation.

The exercise will help everyone build their teamwork and leadership skills.

The class will also be doing something constructive for all, and will experience a feeling of unity as they work for the class as a whole. The teacher also gets more helping hands.

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