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Teacher Talk – 2

Making positive reso-lutions together always helps. It helps to keep motivating each other. Adopting better food habits is a resolution many people make, but cant always keep.
Why not take a class pledge to minimise junk food intake and choose healthy alternatives instead?

You could organise a ‘health potluck so that all students can try out different health foods.

First, list all ingredients that are healthy, and cooking styles that are healthy. Then collect and discuss recipes to make healthy food.

These plans can be shared with parents. With their help, each student or group can prepare one tasty (and healthy) dish to bring on the day of the health potluck.

Arrange for a big table (or put together many small ones). Get plates, spoons and cups for everyone.

Make sure all the students and parents are aware of the health potluck well in advance.

Everyone can bring their dishes to class. Arrange them in a circle or row, and let each student take small portions of food from different dishes.

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