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Heres how you can make your class cheerful. You can get all your students to become involved in making your class great.
Maintain a birthday list or planner in class. You could use the one given in this issue of EW Kidzone.

On the first of the month, the students whose birthdays fall in that month must get together and do something for the class during the month. Give them ideas, and tell them what the class needs.

They could bring some interesting experiments or games to share them with the class. Or, they could decorate the class.

You could set up a bulletin board where they can post articles, poems, inspirational quotes, cartoons and attractive pictures.

All students will enjoy this activity, and have fun learning to work together while doing something for the class.

As the months pass, they will become a close-knit class, with classmates who care about them, and give their best for their fellow students.

You will have something exciting happening every month! So get started!

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