ISRA 2020
ISRA 2020

Teacher Troubles

My child often doesnt understand what her teacher teaches in class. What should I do?
Before you confront the teacher, you need to do some homework yourself. Find out if your child doesnt like the subject. Most kids who dislike a subject end up closing their ears however well the teacher teaches. Or check if she is tired at that particular time of day. If the answer is negative, ascertain from other parents if their children have difficulties understanding this particular teacher as well. If its only your child, then it could be that her grasp of basic concepts isnt sufficient. You may need to spend some time helping your child to get the basics right. If the teacher is unpopular among other students as well, watch awhile and gently take your woes to the school management or the PTA for them to sort it out.

We have some teachers who keep choosing specific kids repeatedly for school plays, class leadership and every other little thing that happens in school, while sidelining the rest. What should we do?

This happens in every school — knowingly or unknowingly. While schools which stress holistic child development tend to make efforts to include all children, many schools that are jam-packed dont do so. The reasons are many. Some children can always be trusted to perform well. Then there are parents who lend a supporting hand in these activities, thus lightening the teachers load. Sometimes it is pure favouritism. The best way to deal with this (only if your child is affected — some children dont really care about being sidelined) is to approach the teacher in charge and talk about your childs feelings. Most teachers will agree to change things, as they dont want to be seen in a bad light.

What can we do when one teacher piles on homework when others dont?

It could be the subject or the teacher or just a different way of teaching. But if you find that one subjects homework is pushing all the other subjects into the background, its time to take a stand. Ask other parents how their children cope. Approach the teacher (preferably with a few other parents with the same complaint) and gently request her to reduce the homework. If the teacher gives a valid reason for heavy homework, graciously accept the explanation and work your day around it.

Hi Five

Top 5 study table tools

1.Organiser. Learning to schedule homework and studies is a great habit.

2.Alarm Clock. Timing school work helps to make sure no subject is left out.

3.Stationery Stand. This helps to avoid distractions while going to look for a pen.

4.Motivational Gear. Get an inspirtional poster.

5.Timetable. This helps to get ready for the next day.

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