Teen stories request

I am a parent of a teen constantly trying to keep up with her mixed emotions. I would like to read more stories on how parents can deal with the many challenges adolescents are facing in the Google age.

Pornography, substance addiction, sexual abuse, bullying, body shaming, etc make us fear for our teens. 

Rima Sen


Online parenting caution

Your February cover story on Google parenting has hit the nail on the head. It’s the new normal for young parents to go to the Internet to find answers for all questions, rather than ask family elders and friends for advice.

As a young grandmother I confess that on several occasions, I too have surfed the Internet to provide quick answers to my daughter-in-law’s questions about my new-born grandchild. 

But I must warn all parents to approach the Internet with caution because there is a lot of fake information out there. I am a doctor, and was aghast when my son phoned me to say that my granddaughter had a life-threatening disease. He was on his way to the paediatrician but had checked all her symptoms online and it looked like she was in a grave condition. Fortunately, the doctor reassured them that all is well. 

So, please don’t blindly trust online information, particularly in health matters.

Dr. Jesse Jose


Unchecked pollution crisis

Delhi… there’s just too much smoke in your belly! I am so distraught at the deplorable condition of India’s capital city, the city of my birth and childhood. I’ve lived in Delhi for the past 30 years. But last year, after I had my twins, my husband and I are seriously considering moving to another city. The pollution levels are dangerously high and we fear that we won’t be able to give our children a normal and healthy childhood. I blame the government for this sorry state of our national capital. Unchecked vehicular traffic and industrialisation have plunged the nation’s showpiece capital into this sorry mess. 

All parents must put pressure on government to find lasting solutions to the problem of air, water and noise pollution. Otherwise our children’s present and future health will be destroyed.

Jassi Arora
New Delhi 


Save the future of our children

Thanks for highlighting the dangers of environment pollution to children’s health (EW February). Living in Bengaluru, I fear this city is going the Delhi way and it won’t be far before this garden city becomes a dangerous place to raise children. Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have resulted in the death of our gardens and lakes. The heavily polluted and frothing Bellandur lake is a sad example of things to expect in the future.

I believe that as parents we must take keen interest in environmental issues, as our children will bear the brunt of pollution and environmental degradation. If we don’t want to see our children suffering from respiratory disorders, cancer or worse, I urge every parent and grandparent to educate their children to do more to save the earth.

Their future is at stake.

Shalini Sharma


Informative essay

The essay on sensory processing was very informative (EW February). In particular the detailed symptoms of sensory processing disorders were very revealing. Most parents tend to dismiss symptoms such as lack of eye-hand coordination, poor concentration and writing ability in children, believing that they will automatically be set right as time passes. As pediatric occupational therapist Mahek Uttamchandani writes in her excellent essay, early diagnosis is crucial to treating and helping children with sensory problems. 

Fortunately for me my child’s school teacher and counsellor recognised early on that he had issues with writing and following instructions. Weekly sessions with an occupational therapist have helped him immensely. I hope you will highlight other learning disabilities as well in future issues of ParentsWorld.

S. Chitra

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