The mom with limitless books

Minu Sarin was a Mom who loved books. And both her kids — Veena (6) and Ashutosh (10) — loved them too.

Minu always found it a challenge to accomodate all the books she bought. And she did not want to spend too much. So she started the ‘10-book Club.

To kickstart the club, she bought a set of 10 books for her children. And she invested in a set of ten books just once.

Heres how her club works. She buys a set of 10 books initially. Every member of the 10-book Club does the same. When her children are through with them, she exchanges the set with another club member in the nexth month. So she has 10 new books for her kids. The following month, she exchanges them with another club member and gets 10 more books. The only effort she puts in is to keep telling other moms about the club, so they can sign up. Its simple, and it works. Why not give it a shot?

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