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“In the failure to generate a comprehensive policy for a common schooling system or to support processes that would enable a diversity of schools but with similar standards, schools in India have become the key institutions by which inequities are being reproduced.”
A R Vasavi, social anthropologist, writing in The India Forum (May 9)

“They (liberals) are increasingly confined to their echo chambers and all they have left is frustration, cant and self-righteous rage. They love the unwashed masses when they vote as they — the ‘liberals’ — would like them to; otherwise, they are idiots. Their stated belief in democracy is a mask for their elitism, intellectual hubris and intolerance.”
Sandipan Deb, well-known journalist, on why ‘liberals’ deserved to lose General Election 2019 (Mint, May 24)

“But what is more astounding is that the liberal voice seems to upset you even more than the cow vigilantes who are garlanded; even more than threats of rape, genital mutilation and gory violence against women who speak out; even more than lovers being killed in the name of religion; even more than tribals being evicted; even more than activists being targeted. Are these lesser crimes than what liberals are accused of?”
Rajshree Chandra of Centre for Policy Research, Delhi in a riposte to Sanidpan Deb (Mint, May 31)

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