Things to know before going to study in Jordan

Studying abroad is an exciting experience, especially since it comes with an entirely different country and its traditions, food, culture, and much more.

Thanks to its high curricular standards and number of specialities, one of the most popular countries to study abroad in the Middle East is Jordan. Many of its universities are often ranked as top education establishments, and potential employers look for graduates of such universities.

Whether you are already planning to study abroad in Jordan (or just want to scope it out with the Jordan pass, this guide will help you navigate this intricate and interesting country.

The top universities in Jordan

If you are undecided about which Jordinian university you plan to attend or are weighing your options, there are plenty of excellent institutions to choose from. 

The University of Jordan, which is located in Amman, the capital of Jordan, is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the entire country. Founded in 1962, it is often nicknamed The Mother University because it was the first university in the country.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the university has 20 faculties and almost 100 departments. Likewise, the University of Jordan is consistently ranked in the top 5 percent of the world’s most prestigious universities.

The Jordan University of Science and Technology (also known as JUST) is considered one of the youngest universities in Jordan. It is a public university operating since 1986 in Irbid, the second-largest city in the country.

Currently, the Jordan University of Science and Technology is considered the best research center in the field of engineering and medicine in Jordan and, according to a study by the SESRTCIC, this institution was ranked as the best research university in the country.

As a bonus, JUST has also earned a top-notch reputation among employers, and graduates are in high demand across prestigious international companies.

Finally, the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS) was founded in 1971 and offers academic programs specifically for students who want to advance their career in the banking and financial industries.

To stay on top of current trends in the finance world, IBS continually conducts seminars and invites guest lecturers in collaboration with many regional and international banking institutions.

Although IBS is located in the capital of Jordan, it also has two regional branches in Irbid and in Aqaba.

Once you have been accepted to a university in Jordan, keep these tips in mind as you enjoy your new environment:

Food in Jordan

Jordan is renowned for its varied and delicious food. The crossroads of trade and the various cultures that have prevailed here for millennia have contributed to the sophistication and elegance of Jordanian dishes.

While the northern regions of Jordan are generally considered a dry desert, they are teeming with native vegetation, which makes up a significant part of the diet. There are a few vegan options that are limited in selection, but extraordinary in taste!

In addition to the local cuisine, you can find various restaurant chains like KFC, McDonalds, and Subway. There are also many supermarkets and shops where you can find ingredients to prepare food to your liking. The best and most popular are Centro and Carrefour. In addition, there are small shops where prices are usually lower, but the assortment is not as large as in supermarkets.


If you are planning to study in Jordan, it is highly recommended that you use your free time to explore this beautiful country!

The sights of Jordan are rich in architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage sites, and countless stories of all kinds.

One of the main tourist attractions of Jordan is the ancient city of Petra. The city has a lot to see — in fact, there are around 800 sites in total, from temples, to tombs, columns, an amphitheater, palaces, and so much more. However, perhaps the most shocking piece of information is that this was all carved out of stone more than 2,000 years ago!

In addition to the old city of Petra, Jordan has many other beautiful places to visit. For instance, the Wadi Rum Desert is known for its unique landscapes and is one of the reasons why this area is often used as a set for films like The Martian or Transformers.

Part of Jordan’s western border is the Dead Sea, whose coast is very popular with tourists. It’s no surprise why this area is famous, especially since it is purported to have healing properties and incredible views.

Last but certainly not least is Ajloun Castle, which is located on the site of an old monastery and played an important role in connecting Damascus with Egypt. Climbing the walls of the castle, you can see the endless Jordanian expanses.

When deciding how to spend your weekend, please note that some tourist sites (mainly those of religious significance) have certain rules for guests, such as wearing appropriate clothing.

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