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Top exam preparation tips

– Natasha Totic, education coach. 

Natashaa Totic

Presenting can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can have in his life as a student. Persons can feel incredibly anxious because they perceive there is an enormous lack of control over the overall process and even the outcome of the evaluation. Having to face model questionnaires with 500 hundred words, although you will only answer 100, it will probably make you think that only masters in logic and statistics will approve.

But it’s not a matter of sense. Students who get remarkable brains are not superhumans, they just have figured out a method that gives them consistent results, regardless of the subject, familiarity, or difficulty level. Don’t get yourself down and feel anxious; take action! Follow these simple tips and find yourself schooling on exam day.
Prepare in advance

This is the first and most crucial step. Even if it seems too obvious, your brain is not a copy-paste machine in which you can dump 50 pages of information in an hour and ace the exam. Even if you had the ability to memorize so much information in such a little amount of time, the ideas and concepts would be scrambled and confusing in your head; not the ideal scenario when trying to present a final or trying to get into a university.

Be wise; if it’s a quicker exam, start studying a week in advance; if it’s one of those exams that will define your life, create a month in advance. This tip will allow you to scale, learning each day increasingly and consolidating every bit of information throughout the repetition. If you are a physician taking the PANCE exam on average, start preparing a little over a month in advance if you are looking to get the best results.

Practice does make perfect

You can study 12 hours per day for an extended period of time, but even knowing the complete Britannica Encyclopedia would not help you if you are not ready and mentally aware of the practical implications of taking an exam; being successful in it would be much more difficult. Therefore, it is remarkably advisable to take older versions of the exam you’re preparing to take and helping you to feel comfortable with the format, time limit, and type of questions beforehand.

Most successful assistant physician students are the ones who check the PANCE practice exam before the actual day of the test. Doing this has a great advantage because you get a clear idea of what the test will be like and this will help you prioritize different subjects while studying. Knowing how to navigate the exam is critical. Most students lose their way around the question and don’t even get to finish it; they fall into a vicious cycle by getting too close to it. Having perspective at the moment and extracting yourself from the pressure will allow you to think more sharply and find an answer that otherwise you would not have been able to.

Take care of your body as well as your mind.

Knowing all the data, how to approach the exam from the get-go, and being calm would not be of any help if you don’t nurture and take care of your body the days before. You have to sleep for as long as you need to. Quality rest is as important as studying for the crystallization of the knowledge in your head. Eating healthy and nutritious food will keep your brain sharp and develop your grey mass, which will increase your logical thinking and deduction capabilities.

In conclusion, make sure to prepare with a comfortable time window that enables you to study at your ideal pace. Always do practice on older versions of the exams when you get the possibility to do it. Remember to mentalize yourself about what to do and how to keep ahold of perspective while taking it. Lastly, drink a lot of water, fill your body with vitamins and nutrients, and sleep at least eight hours before the big day. A strong mind and a healthy body are the keys to success when approaching the exam and preparing before it.

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