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Vidushi Daga, CEO of Clone Futura delivers keynote address at ASISC conference

December 18, 2018

Vidushi Daga, CEO of Clone Futura – a platform that provides onsite and customised technology training and support services – was invited to deliver the keynote address at the 61st edition of ASISC (Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate) Annual Conference held in Kolkata from November 28 through 30. This year’s conference aimed at raising awareness about cyber-attacks – one of the pertinent fallouts of today’s technology-driven lifestyle.

Addressing an audience of over 1000 CISCE school principals from across India, Daga shed light on the cyber threats students and all of us face due to our digital footprints in the world wide web rendering ourselves vulnerable to cyber-crimes. She also addressed several queries from the audience about how, when, where and what can be the intensity of such cyber-crimes.

Comments Daga, “I feel honoured that I was given this opportunity to address the seminar and reach out to a large number of schools. I also felt that people now understand the veracity of the situation and are opening up with regards to the issue they may have faced or heard about it. This exchange of dialogue can go a long way if adhered to and dealt with since the students who end up using it the most, do not even realize when they become the target of such threats. I am glad I could give some suggestions to keep themselves safe and they were welcomed by all in a large way.”

Since Whizjuniors – Clone Futura’s online technology learning platform for students and teachers – is actively working to promote the cause and raising awareness about not only ed-tech but also cyber security, Daga believes this subject must be taken seriously by all and dealt with in a multi-pronged way by the entire society to ensure everyone’s safety.

Attending the event Perin Bagli, principal of Activity High School and also the Maharashtra state secretary of ASISC, said, “We are honoured to have learnt about threats and solutions of cyber world. The session on cyber security with Vidushi Daga has initiated a great learning experience and we are grateful that she has offered her help and expertise to all the principals. Cyber security is not only a technology issue but can be termed as a national issue as every third person among the masses have been a victim of it in some way or the other and with the information and learning shared with us on this platform, it becomes easier for us to train and shape our students in the right direction.”

A name to reckon with in the ed-tech space, Whizjuniors has established itself across the country with the exemplary work it has been doing over the years in spreading digital literacy across the country.

Launched by Clone Futura, Whizjuniors is an online technology learning platform for students of class 2 to 12 as well as teachers. It is also an annual tech competition for children to showcase their tech skills. To learn more, visit

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