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ViewSonic displays technology and solutions for education at DIDAC

September 22, 2022

ViewSonic, global provider of visual solutions, displayed innovative technologies and collaborative hardware and software solutions at DIDAC India 2022, Asia’s largest and India’s only exhibition and conference for education at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

Eric Wei, Asia Pacific General Manager, ViewSonic – Asia Pacific, said, “The technological evolution in the education system in the last couple of years has been magnificent, creating promising opportunities for the established and emerging players. We at ViewSonic have been moving steadily to capture the market in the Edtech segment in India. We are excited to be a part of DIDAC India, as it provides us with opportunities to meet with prominent Edtech players and educators in this space. Additionally, our integrated hardware and software ed-tech solutions, are witnessing a significant interest amongst our educators and institutes globally. Implementing and using our wide range of solutions are benefitting educators, learners, and institutes or schools. Over the last couple of years, we have been primarily focusing on positioning our Edtech solutions as one of the best, building sustainable education ecosystem. Apart from this, we are aggressively engaging educators across India to develop communities which will extensively expand our reach amongst educational institutes and educators.”

Hybrid Learning Classroom

To provide educators a broader perspective on their teaching methods, ViewBoard 75″ 4K Interactive display is well versed in improvising their teaching skills and building engagement with learners both offline and online.

Over the course of the event, ViewSonic is also hosting a live session for both educators and learners demonstrating NCERT based lesson plan by bringing a new approach to the ecosystem. With ViewSonic Originalsa ready-made interactive platform, it brings life to the classroom by helping educators have pre-made content for an effective lesson from the NCERT Syllabus with various designed templates, 3D materials and videos while saving the files on the cloud for easy access and sharing. At the same time, it is very important to seek interest amongst students about the subject and hence- myViewBoard Sens. The AI-driven assistance enables engagement by using an array of sensors to process data about the environment and students’ sensory states. It helps educators gain insights into student engagement, analyze their behavior and foster an active learning environment. This allows the teacher to make impactful lessons and further elevate the learning experience and performance development.

Advance In-class Solution

ViewSonic’s IFP8652-1A allows the user to efficiently connect all the displays with a single tool enhancing engagement between educators and learners. It also offers incredible flexibility and is designed to deliver impressive visual performance.

To Upscale the in-class ambience, ViewSonic also brings the digital ViewBoard Pen Display ID1330 for learners to help them write and  manage notes, it also intuitively transmits content or queries in a digitized whiteboard handwriting format to the teacher. This further enhances the engagement among teachers and students.

To add more uniqueness to this experience, myViewBoard Classroom tool augments the classroom environment. It is a robust solution, helping teachers streamline everything from taking attendance, facilitating students on task or sharing lesson materials from the dashboard. These interactive tools engage over 50 students in-class, remote or hybrid. Additionally, this tool is beneficial for the teachers as it imports existing lessons and allows them to revise or update content as needed.

Interactive Solution with Lamp Free Projector

ViewSonic LED powered LS500WHP lamp-free projector to moderate the ambience of hi-tech classrooms. With a longer life span, the projectors encompass efficiency, reliability, durability, low maintenance, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. ViewSonic also showcased interactive Edtech solution ID2456 Smart Podium Solution with MPP2.0 Active Pen. Keeping interactive terminology as a core, this product eliminates mouse usage and gives free-hand work with a pen. Combined with PCAP technology and Palm Rejection to deliver pinpoint accuracy when writing or drawing, this solution optimizes in-class presentations and communication with the ability to freely capture and convey ideas in digital form. It is compatible with all devices, giving educators a free hand on their content, with ViewSonic Whiteboard adding membrane to the entire classroom. Additionally, it allows teachers to adopt their way of teaching, preparing and presenting engaging materials that inspire students to participate and engage.

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