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WCHS India Chapter announces winners of National Skit Competition

February 20, 2017

On February 19, the India Chapter of the World Centre for Humanist Studies (WCHS) – an organisation dedicated to the study, investigation and diffusion of the thought and vision of Universalist Humanism and its application to current social and scientific problems – announced the results of the National Skit Competition on the theme ‘Human being as the Central Value for students of classes VIII to XII.
The World Centre for Humanist Studies is a part of the Humanist Movement – driven globally by millions of men and women who are concerned with building a better and more humane world. A world where the human being is the central value (and not profit and power as is now) and where there is dignity and growth opportunities in life for everyone and not just a few.

One of the main tenets of the Humanist attitude is concerned with centrality of the Human Being – nothing above the human being and no human being below another. It is important to develop a proper understanding of these aspects.

The national level skit competition was launched to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the various dimensions of treating abhuman being as such, about how it manifests around us and how we ill-treat others more often than not. The competition aims to encourage the students to reflect on how to deal with other human beings meaningfully and demonstrate it in the form of a skit.

The competition saw an overwhelming response from schools across India. There were entries from Balipara and Guwahati in the east to Ajmer in the west and from Chandigarh in the north to Ernakulam in the south. The creativity and insights of the teams was superb. The judges had a tough time naming the best from among the rest as each skit had a distinct flavor.

The 1st and 2nd prizes was shared by two schools each and the 3rd prize was shared by three schools. The winners were:

1. Sanskriti The Gurukul – Guwahati
1. Mayo College Girls’ School – Ajmer

2. Navy Children School  Visakhapatnam
2. Tagore International School – New Delhi

3. Delhi Public School, Gbn – Noida
3. Raja Narayanlal Lahoti English School – Latur
3. Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir – Ernakulam

The competition helped the participants appreciate the uniqueness of every human being and to take a strong stand against anything that harms life. WCH believes that it is this ability to take stand that gives meaning to life.

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