Why is every university fostering the idea of WILP?

Dr. Kishan Pal Singh, Director of (WILP Programme), Mangalayatan University, Aligarh

The desire to upscale one’s knowledge and education is something that has taken a toll not just on the students but also on Working professionals, but the constraint of giving full-time attention to any degree or course is something not everybody can afford. Because of a lack of assistance or circumstances to support the family through earnings, many school graduates are unable to enter full-time university programmes.

Employees today are inclined towards upskilling themselves given the rapid speed of advancement in professional and personal growth. According to a recent study, rather than standard academic degrees, as a strategic approach to talent acquisition, employers now consider work-integrated learning programmes. Regular full-time courses demand students to contribute a set number of hours each week, which can be exhausting and stressful. Regular courses necessitate acquiring the required skills and knowledge to be future-ready, but today’s industries require more than academic or discipline-specific understanding.

Therefore, WILP programmes are considered preferable to regular courses since students can apply their academic knowledge to real-world circumstances, allowing them to become industry-ready. Participating in work-integrated learning programmes improves job opportunities and gives working professionals the chance to network with peers and industry contacts. These programmes also improve digital literacy abilities, which are usually not included in full-time courses.

New and improved options, such as work-integrated programmes, are gaining popularity nowadays. Work Integrated Learning programmes lead to graduate and post-graduate degrees, as well as allow working professionals to devote their weekends to enhance their skills.

Introduction of Work Integrated Learning Program

If you are determined to achieve a bigger picture, then create your own opportunities with WILP programme offering courses B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Sc, MBA, B.Sc, BCA, and other professional courses. Improvise your skills and soar to heights in your career without distorting your professional job. Create your expertise in the field of AI, Machine Learning, CAD Designing, Data Science, Web Development, and more technical areas. The programme aims at helping working professionals upgrade their skills and gain a professional degree without leaving their regular job. Moreover, the WILP programme will integrate the academic learning of a discipline with its practical application in the workplace.

Opportunities under WILP

Due to the pandemic, the world adopted a culture of doing things without stepping out from home. The world was introduced with the “new normal” and the people accepted the virtual world and made it a part of their lifestyle. Organizations allowed people to work from home, and the educational institutes conducted online classes and examinations which were successfully executed. Moreover, advancement in technology is changing the market demands. It has become the need of the hour for the working professionals to make investments in upgrading their skills, relevant to the industry. WILP programme can help the professionals get a complete makeover for their career and boost their growth.

Future of WILP

Certainly, the world is moving at a faster pace by accepting the virtual lifestyle and is gaining ample opportunities and knowledge in every aspect. Besides the work from home comfort given by the organizations to the employees, providing the best education to the students has been the major goal of the schools and universities.

Considering the disruption caused by the pandemic, the educational organization implemented new methods of teaching and learning. Introducing digital literacy and Infrastructure, brought an evolution in learning and delivered flexible methods making them the future of education.

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