Wonder STEM

About the Product:

Mathematics, Physics and other sciences are considered some of the most stressful and difficult-to-learn subjects for young as well as older school children. With pressure from parents and teachers to score high grades, often the child’s creativity is neglected. Wonder STEM is a “stress” free, interactive, and fun way to teach children of all ages the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and principles.

Using Wonder STEM and the “Creative Computing and Robotics” CCR curriculum, Maths, Physics and other sciences as well as Information Technology and Logic and Engineering / Electronics are taught in a fun way making use of real robots.

It is an actual “hands on” experience with several small robots using the regular classroom setup (with no homework). Studies have shown that students enrolled in learning Mathematics, Sciences and IT using robotics programs have a lot more interest in these subjects and have gone on to excel in their exams.

Unique Features:

1. Experienced and professional teachers and trainers

2. Proven teaching methods and curriculum development for STEM studies

3. Hands on support and commitment

4. Ready-made manuals, teaching material and instruction by local staff

5. Flexible approach with a variety of choices and packages to suit local requirements

Current Issue
EducationWorld February 2020
ParentsWorld December 2019

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