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5 ways to keep your child smiling

Caught in the daily whirl, it is easy for parents to get stressed out, and later feel guilty about not having made the time or effort to make their child feel special.

Try these simple ideas to boost your child’s enthusiasm and confidence.

1. Ask her if you can join her in her favourite game. It will melt away your stress too.
2. Tell your child about a forgotten childhood experience and your naughty moments.
3. Browse and find a piece of craft/painting/writing done by your children, and exclaim, Wow!” as you appreciate it.
4. Call your child’s friends over for a quick evening party that can be set up in an hour, which could include a fun trip to the nearest supermarket.
5. Write her a note telling her why she is so special. Deliver it with a kiss, and watch your child smile from ear to ear!

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