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Coding helps children to work and understand technology around them

Shailendra Dhakad – Shailendra Dhakad, Co-Founder, Codeyoung

The education sector has evolved over the years, from adopting technological advancements to the hybrid model, the sector has witnessed a swift growth right since the inception. But in the given times after the whole world faced the challenges posed by COVID-19, technology made a crucial impact in the overall industry like never before. With online classes being considered the new normal for every school goer and the student community as a whole, the dependency on various virtual and online learning platforms gave way to the new dawn of learning; which is commonly known as e-learning. Other than various virtual platforms for hosting online classes and the edtech startups that have come up with several tailor-made valuable courses conducted by experienced & certified professionals in the industry that can be taken up remotely; the most high-rated course for K-12 students in coding.

The advent of technology in education & its innovations:

Technology in the education industry had been introduced years ago, however, its usage was restricted and has increased only in the last decade. The innovations that technology has brought as a part of a student’s curriculum is remarkable. Several lessons are taught to generate creative thinking among children and ensure their skill-building process continues. The number of innovations in the teaching approach that have been talked about in the current past are:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Hybrid learning module
  • Interactivity in classrooms
  • Immersive learning with AR & VR
  • Gamification in education etc

Coding & its importance:

Coding to be precise it is the “language of the future”. It is used in creating and building technology from scratch. It has become the inevitable truth of the future and therefore the learners must learn to communicate properly with technology. It is pertinent that a child is introduced to coding from an early age to develop a key interest in the language of technology.

Coding enhances the cognitive abilities of a child making it imperative in bringing about the creative and problem-solving skills in them. This also helps in ensuring logical decision making in a child.

Adaptation of coding:

Coding is and will continue to be an integral part of our lives for the foreseeable future. The addition of technology to traditional classrooms has had a positive effect on young learners—both as a means of instruction as well as being introduced as subjects of learning. And with coding being the language of technology, to understand technology better and grow in close adaptation to it coding needs to be incorporated in the curriculum for kids. This will not only open new avenues for generations but will also inbuild the attributes of problem-solving skills, creativity, persistence and other cognitive abilities.

Moreover, coders are in heavy demand and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people today. With the ability to code, it only means you are ‘digitally updated/ at par’  with the era of coding and programming. There are several job roles one can have their rolling eyeballs at, they are as web developers, mobile app developer, full-stack developer, system engineer, database administrator to name a few.

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