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Covid19 Challenge: Woodlem Park School, Ajman, UAE online learning

June 2, 2020

Woodlem Park School Ajman Prema Muralidhar“Education has always been at the frontiers of human development, and as educators at Woodlem Park School, we believe no matter the vagaries of life that we may face as humans, continuity in learning must be maintained for the next generation. In these difficult days of COVID19, our mettle as educators and students has been tested, tried and proven. The WPS community is committed to ensuring that the learning process continues to instill hope for a brighter future for all.”

Prema Muralidhar, Educational Affairs Director & Principal, Woodlem Park School, Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

While several educational institutions are struggling to manage remote learning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the preparedness of Woodlem Park School (WPS), Ajman (UAE) in implementing their LMS (Learning Management System) has come handy during the COVID-19 pandemic. A pioneer in virtual learning, the school had started offering blended learning to its grade 10 students to help them prepare for their board exams in late 2018.
With the abrupt mass closure of educational institutions inducing the transition to online learning, all the stakeholders of WPS were well prepared to handle various modules of the learning platform and students have been enjoying their journey exploring the WHY factor in understanding concepts. The students have been demonstrating excellent research skills while completing their assignments, assessments and projects on the LMS platform.

Woodlem Park School Ajman

When COVID-19 hit UAE, the school took to several virtual orientation sessions for parents to sensitise and prepare them to adapt to the new ways of learning. The school has been following a multi-pronged approach to learning including:
● Continuous training of teachers to ensure that they are kept abreast with the latest learning trends and expectations.
● Regularly tracking and resolving technical issues and soliciting parents’ feedback to ensure a high-quality virtual learning experience for students.
● Supporting parents in different ways, be it with a feasible tuition fee payment plan or managing their children at home.

“As an inclusive school, providing uninterrupted learning to Special Educational Needs (SEN) students was a major concern for us but our carefully tailored interim learning programme for SEN students has helped deliver positive student learning outcomes. In the post-Covid19 era, we plan to follow the blended learning approach — with in-school learning helping students acquire technical/vocational/physical skills and at-home learning to help them understand concepts in a more meaningful way,” says Prema Muralidhar.

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