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Cricket-Math™: Swinging, fast breaking and records!

EducationWorld June 2020 | Spotlight Feature

Born out of the Covid19 incubation period, ‘Cricket-Math™’ is fast becoming a global household name as families embrace the world of virtual learning.  As it names suggests, it is a refresing perspective for most school owners and school leaders who want to introduce learning outcomes in a way that is futuristic and brings in relevance to real life so that children become lifelong learners, problem solvers and creators!

It is said that for learning (be it in the physical or virtual form) must be connected to passion, area of interest, some form of healthy gamification and creativity. Sports integration, therefore, especially Cricket makes a strong case for starters. The collaborative brains behind Cricket-Math™,the Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE) founded by celebrated sportsman Ajit Agarkar, and his award winning wife, Fatema, an educationalist and the enterprising Divesh Bathija’s popular UnMathSchool found an unique way to engage with students (Grade 4 to 8) using the math that makes Cricket a truly scientific game!

Intrigued? Well, here’s how it works:

Using Ajit Agarkar’s illustrious career matches (he’s a veteran of 4 World Cups) as a backdrop from when he made his debut for India at 20 (played since he was 10 years old, and rose quickly up the ranks as a gifted and thinking cricketer setting records in school cricket), Cricket-Math™ uses the grade level ‘syllabus’ learning outcomes taught in schools be it national or international and creates unique original game based case studies for students to ‘solve’ while ‘playing’ live with fellow students who have signed up, and through these engaging, interactive group sessions, students learn to apply quadratic equations, linear and non linear equations, transformations, decimals and basically, ‘tested’ math concepts in school. But this time, in a way that connects to real life.

Isn’t this what you always wanted to be the differentiator for your school ? Well, there is more:

Ajit Agarkar’s pre-recorded videos are shown after each game byte that students watch, and  he shares his experiences during that moment when he batted or bowled or took a catch while representing Mumbai in Ranji Trophy or for India in T20, Test Matches or One Dayers, or KKR and Delhi Daredevils during IPL, and while also sharing some dressing room tit bits, packs in ‘clues’ for kids to ‘play’ the game and solve the problems.

Cricket, after all is all about Math as Ajit Agarkar shares, “To think about it, it is always about calculations when you are on the field. As a Captain, I know how important probability is when deciding who gets to bowl the last over. But it is also about the pitch conditions, the pressure in that game, past statistics, and the way the player has played that particular game. History is past tense!” Arav Shah, a 5th grader who has attended these Certified 4 day Boot Camps shared, “I was not a fan of Cricket and I love Math, but once I enrolled in the program, I got to know about the game, and for me, it was taking some calculative permutations to work out the answers, and I loved competing as a Captain. Going forward I may not play the physical game, but I am a fan now because the game is a lot of fun when I hear Ajit talk about it!”

Each month, Cricket-Math™ hosts e Boot Camps, that are 4 certified flexible-timed gaming sessions where students ‘solve’ problems and ‘play’ the game. Shradha Nair, a parent keen to enrol her boys in Grade 4 and 8 in the June Boot Camp mentioned, “I have grown up watching Ajit as a kid so for me personally, it was kind of a fan moment, and my boys are semi interested in the game, but after watching the videos, they are super excited because the format is different, and they like that someone will mentor them and that they can connect with a child who is in another part of the country!”

As Fatema Agarkar and Divesh Bathija sum up, “Given that we work closely with parents in the education space, a lot of them wanted something to make their kids enjoy learning. And we felt that by assessing students when they enrol, we can also give parents a quick heads up about their child’s level which will help them ‘brush’ up some skills that they are not comfortable with, which adds so much value!“ For owners and principals, this is that much needed value addition in class that will boast overall performances and understanding! Cricket-Math™ is unique and a cost effective, personalised and uniquely curated gaming format that brings the relevance of knowledge to the fore-front. From handouts, to case studies, to competitions to analysis to discussions to live chats with Ajit himself, this new kid on the block will surely become your school’s edupartner. The pitch conditions look ready for a belter of a game ahead!

For more information: Mobile: 8369971774 / 7700097444 Email Id: [email protected] Website:

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