Dental care for little teeth

With easy access to chocolate and junk food of all kinds, children need dental more than ever. And dental care is more than a quick brushing every morning. Here are seven teeth care pointers from Dr. Ameetha Rajesh, Smile Dental Care Chennai.

Brush twice a day: Getting your kids to brush in the night may not be easy but can save you from huge dentist bills and lots of pain in the long run! You could encourage children by giving a different flavored paste and a different toothbrush for night brushing.

Floss at least once a week: Flossing is a great innovation which helps you clean between your teeth using smooth dental floss. It removes the stubborn hard deposits and plaque stuck between teeth, however hard your brush. Learn the technique of flossing from your family dentist and do it for your child once a week. Later, teach your child to do it herself.

Rinse after every meal: Brushing after every meal would be ideal but may not seem very practical. So the closest option is to rinse. Teach your child to use the index finger as temporary toothbrush to remove that obstinate piece of spinach stuck on teeth or that gruesome brown chocolate stain. Quick rinses after that while swishing the water in the mouth will help flush out food particles.

Get the right gear: Kids tend to chew on toothbrush bristles knowingly or unknowingly and their brushes wear out faster than the adult toothbrushes. Do discard their toothbrush once every two months. Invest in toothpaste that comes with fluoride. Fluoride builds and protects teeth.

Safeguard teeth: Kids tend to injure their teeth a little too often. Wearing a teeth guard, especially during rigorous sports practice or when they are learning a new sport is necessary. If your child already has permanent tooth that has broken, get them fixed by a cosmetic dentist right away before further damage occurs.

Food to avoid: Cola, coffee, chocolate and candy – the 4 Cs are teeths bitter enemies. They stain and ruin teeth with cavities. Limit intake of these foods, and ensure brushing or rinsing after they are eaten. You will probably have to practice what you preach to get the message.

Visit the dentist: Mark a dental check-up in your calendar once every six months. Visiting a dentist regularly and getting teeth checked for cavities and pits will save tooth trouble and root canals in the long run. Any small cavity or toothpaste that your child had must be dealt immediately.

With the right dental care regimen in place, you and your children will sure have a lot to smile about!

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