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Enhance your child’s skills through online learning courses by PlanetSpark

Samidha Raj– Samidha Raj, Planet Spark

In an age when the internet has made the world a much smaller place, your child’s learning can be more than just in the classroom. It can also be more than what you can teach them. Online classes have evolved as a great way to further your children’s learning capacities from the comforts of your home.

PlanetSpark helps develop essential skills to get your child future-ready through a fun, engaging and interactive online experience. Here is a comprehensive list of online classes for kids that your child can participate in from the comforts of their homes.

  1. Public speaking for kids

Learning to speak in public is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You need to do it numerous times until you get it right. PlanetSpark’s public speaking for kids course comprises a set of fun activities planned by the experts. Through numerous exercises and games, your child will learn to relax, organize their thoughts, practice presentation on video, and eventually impress their listeners.

PlanetSpark’s public speaking for kids course enables your child to:

  • Deliver effective presentation
  • Speak on a variety of topics and situations, both academic and extra-curricular
  • Speak confidently with greater comfort
  • Express their thoughts clearly
  • Enhances their social skills
  1. Creative writing for kids

Writing effectively with clarity is a wonderful skill that can boost your child’s performance in almost every sphere of life. PlanetSpark’s creative writing for kids course teaches your child the proper usage of words, paragraph structure, sentence structure, and correct punctuation that will boost their creative writing skills.

PlanetSpark’s creative writing course for kids enables your child to:

  • Learn and develop a creative thinking mindset
  • Explore various forms of creative writing such as mystery writing, descriptive writing, narrative writing and fantasy story writing
  • Enhance their thought process and help express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with clarity
  1. Reading for kidsChildren with reading skills have access to areas of the world they may have never experienced before. PlanetSpark’s in-depth reading for kids programme aims to help children grow to be independent thinker and reflective reader.

PlanetSpark’s reading online course for kids enables your child to:

  • Build skills that enable comprehension of reading text
  • Know events and sequencing, different characters, different plots and understanding the purpose of a story/book/reading material
  • Enhance their vocabulary and language skills
  • Develop their imagination
  • Develop empathy and the ability to connect with another individual through character reading
  1. English for kids

Learning English sets your child up for success in life, and it’s one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. PlanetSpark’s English course curriculum is extensive and helps your child gain essential reading, writing, and language development skills.

PlanetSpark’s English language for kids course enables your child to:

  • Build concepts on their own under the expert guidance
  • Explore a vast number of books and opportunities
  • Enhance their knowledge of different cultures and countries
  • Expose them to opportunities at a global level
  1. Grammar for kids:

English grammar is important for your child to effectively communicate with others, write compelling papers, express their feelings, and prepare for a successful career. PlanetSpark’s English grammar course is designed to engage children in the learning process. The grammar rules are made more accessible for children to grasp and apply through fun games and activities. The child will learn how to form sentences using different tenses, nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc.

PlanetSpark’s English grammar for kids course enables your child to:

  • Learn basics of grammar and vocabulary
  • Increase their fundamental knowledge and understanding of English grammar
  • Enhance their listening skills, communication skills, speaking skills and their reading-writing skills
  1. Communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively is a key life skill; the better your child is at it, the better will be their quality of life. PlanetSpark offers a powerful, fun learning experience through its interactive online classes for developing effective communication skills in children. Through fun activities and games, the communication skills programme covers all aspects of communication, from voice modulation, body language, storytelling, active listening, debate, improv to storytelling, enabling your child to communicate with confidence, presence and impact.

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