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Ensuring children’s health and wellbeing in the Covid19 era

EducationWorld September 2020 | Spotlight Feature
– By Mr Ankit Tibrewal, Designated Partner, Qmax World

Bringing preventive solutions that are responsive to real life problems has been at the core of Qmax World. Adapting to the changing situations, launching of products has been a priority since the outbreak of a virus that turned into a pandemic. We are all being extra careful with everything, from sanitizing to frequent washing our hands, but have we thought of what protects the clothing that protects us? How do we keep clothes safe while we’re outside? In the wake of the pandemic and the need to keep our fabric virus free, Qmax World, a leading manufacturer of uniform fabrics launched a world class antiviral and antibacterial range of fabrics called “Self Heal” which kills 99.9% of viruses and bacterias with claims of efficacy of upto 50 washes.

This innovation and inclusion of antiviral properties on fabrics promises protection to everybody from a healthcare professional, factory workers to even school students. It’s use is diversified as it kills superbugs like MSRA, is anti-allergy, hypo-allergenic, prevents odour as well as discoloration and thus can be used at your resort.

As we have been in a long fight with Covid-19 and continue to do so all over the country and world, it is important to look out for protective gear that helps protect us and our school going children. With Self Heal, a fabric that possesses antibacterial, antiviral properties their use could be of great benefit to us while taking the worries off our head about our elders, young children going to school and also ourselves. Through the production of “Self Heal” Qmax World is stepping towards creating a safer environment and providing some normalcy in the pandemic-prone world. It aims at adapting to the post Covid world where we have one less thing to worry about, that is the clothes we wear. With school going children, wearing their uniforms for most part of the day, it will act as an active barrier from these viruses and bacterias. This technology will be a relief to the school community, authorities, parents, children alike. After a massive digital launch on 3rd September 2020, Self Heal is now a part of Qmax World’s portfolio and is available for its customers to buy safe fabric. The digital launch saw the presence of a range of dignitaries such as:

  1. Bhavin Shah, CEO, EducationWorld
  2. Dr. Christopher Harvey, President HealthGuard Corporation
  3. Victoria Harvey, CEO, HealthGuard Corporation
  4. Mr. Naishadh Desai, Founder & Chairman, Britacel Silicones Ltd.
  5. Mr. Arindam Choudhuri, Business Head- Global, Britacel Silicones Ltd.
  6. Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President Early Childhood Association, Association of Primary Education and Research
  7. Harpreet Suri, Global Indian Influencer
  8. Mr. Sunil Tibrewal, Founder, Qmax World
  9. Mr. Ankit Tibrewal, Designated Partner, Qmax World
  10. Ms. Nikita Mhaisalkar, Fashion Designer, Nikita Mhaisalkar

Apart from the above mentioned dignitaries, Qmax World also had Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress, a daughter, a wife, a mother who supported our launch. She believes that “Self Heal” is a perfect safety blanket for all our virus worries. She also trusts Self Heal by Qmax world and would not worry when it comes to sending her child to school with Self Heal protected fabric. She went on to say,”A brand that cares is a brand that proves it with its work”.

All things said and done, living in the post Covid could be a task and keeping ourselves safe is our major treasure in such times. Look out for yourself and people you love, choose wisely and invest happily.

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