Help your child make friends easily

Your child may be a great chatterbox at home, but may well become hesitant and awkward in a new school, neighbourhood or city. Here are some ways to help your child make new friends with confidence and ease.

Throw a party: Hosting a tea party is worth the effort. Ask your child to invite some friends, or those she would like to be friends with, and watch them bond over snacks and games.

Encourage her to join small groups: Most children find large groups intimidating. They open up more easily in small group settings like a school club, sports or dance class.

Invite children home: Most children tend to be shy in a group setting but will blossom in a one-on-one relationship. Encourage your child to invite friends over to make time for heart-to-heart chats.

Help your child fit in: Observe your child’s classmates and friends. Is she being ignored because she is different in some way, wears outdated clothes or speaks differently?

If you notice something amiss, you could help her make small changes in her lifestyle or manner to enable her easier acceptance.

– Nisha Daniel

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