Homework Hassles

How does one make homework time happen uninterrupted at home?
Start off by time-tabling the homework hours. Two to two and a half hour of work is advisable. Keep track of the time taken to complete homework on an average day to determine the timeline. Studying according to a timetable tunes body and mind to work habitually.

Keep a study space free from distraction. An uncluttered table, good lighting, books and pencil case will facilitate uninterrupted homework.

It is difficult to concentrate and focus on homework after a long tiring day filled with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Any ideas to help my child stay pepped up?

Look into your childs day. Is she doing too much? Can some activities be cut out or reduced? Look into activities like excess TV or video games that add little to your childs day. Plan her activities and homework time so that there is a brief time gap to make the mental switch. Split up the hours of study if needed. Pep up your child with plenty of water and healthy evening snacks like toasted bread and cheese, channa or fruits to keep energy levels high. Keep snacks like raisins, nuts and other fruits for the study break. If all this doesnt work, you may have to cut down some activities and re-schedule them for the weekend or holidays.

When students are stuck with homework day in and day out, how does one keep them motivated?

Rewards! Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing work and rewarding oneself with half an hour of favorite storybooks or a chat with a friend. Make a list of things that you can reward your child with after completing a homework session. Pick a reward for the days session so that she can work at her lessons hard and fast to get the reward quickly. Stay with your child during homework time now and then, and try to contribute some interesting info about the topic, or amusing anecdotes about your encounters with the subject. Take weekends off books and pack in some exciting activities. At the ends of the year, nothing is more motivating than a well-graded report!


Top 5 Family Games

1. Scrabble: An all-age favorite to build vocabulary.
2. Chess: A game to pit your brains against each other and sharpen them.
3. Monopoly: A game for times when you want to relax
4. Cards: Fun games for holidays and travel.
5. Cluedo: A detective game combining fun and brain work.

– Anitha Bennett

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