iDreamCareer offers 30 days free access on admissions & scholarships

iDreamCareer offers free online career guidance sessions & access to 1047 hours of career curriculum so no students is deprived of any information in this current phase while choosing a course and colleges.
Colleges across the globe are being impacted. Due to academic operations getting closed or limited, it has become difficult for students who are now moving out of class 12th to enter colleges this year and approximately over 290 million students across 13 countries will be interrupted because of the COVID-19 crisis. Since this troubling situation has shown up in March, which is the time for college admissions it’s for sure going to be an even greater problem for students. College admissions are just about to start in the next 30-40 days!

In order to help class 12th students who are currently giving board exams, iDreamCareer.Com is offering:  

  • Free online group career guidance sessions for class 12th students. These sessions will be held regularly for the coming weeks to help you decide on your future with the help of advice of career guidance experts who are completely UNBIASED in their suggestions.  
  • 30 days free access to our 1047 hours of content on careers, colleges, entrance exams & scholarships. We believe no students should be left out to any information right now on choosing a right college and career. 
  • Sign up on this link to access 30 days FREE content on careers and also receive regular updates and schedules of our free online group counseling sessions by expert career counselors. 
  • Students now can use online platforms to read about various career opportunities, plan for the courses and colleges and also prepare for entrance exams

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