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Indian students should get global standard education: International Baccalaureate

October 13, 2014

Indian students should be able to get international-standard education at universities in the country using the expertise of globally acclaimed Indian origin academicians, a Switzerland-based educational foundation has said.
International Baccalaureate (IB) has called for more policies allowing Indian universities to “easily give credit to IB”, and observed the high teaching standards of Indian academicians in international universities in the US, Europe and other continents.

“It would be really nice if the Indian universities start to recognise the value of IB Students,” Siva Kumari, chief operating officer of IB said.

She stressed that the Indian students should be able to get international standard education from local universities rather than having to look abroad for the same.

It would be possible to create international standard universities in India, with enhanced regulatory environment, allowing investments in the education sector and using the expertise of internationally acclaimed academicians of Indian-origin, she said.

“India has a huge set of individuals who have gone out of India and are teaching in international schools and universities. They have gained experience and are great academicians abroad? in the US, Europe and other continents,” Kumari said.

She said that IB is working with Indian varsities to make them recognise more IB students as the government could do a lot more to enable the IB students to be “very viable and be internationally prepared”.

“We want more Indian universities to recognise the value of an IB student,” said Kumari, pointing out India was one of the IB’s largest growth markets in Asia Pacific with double-digit growth in the number of students taking IB course annually.

“We are seeing a lot of national schools taking up IB and it is encouraging to note that they are able to keep up to the international standards,” said Kumari, after addressing the Kaizen & INSEAD Education Symposium in Singapore on October 5.

“We want them to create policies that would allow universities to easily give credit to IB, just as we get recognition from universities all over the world,” she said.

Calling for more policies allowing Indian universities to “easily give credit to IB”, Kumari also observed a rapid change in Indian economy and the education sector, with a growing number of schools setting up in India.

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