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Karnataka: Education minister asks CM for financial relief to budget school teachers

May 21, 2021
-Reshma Ravishanker

Minister for primary and secondary education of Karnataka, S Suresh Kumar has written a letter to chief minister B S Yeddyurappa seeking that a special financial package be announced for teachers who are working in budget private unaided schools and colleges in the state.

Citing that budget or smaller private unaided schools and colleges, particularly in rural areas are reeling under severe losses, he has sought that the chief minister offers financial aid to teachers working here. He expressed that teachers working here have been severely affected by Covid prompted economic loses.

In the letter which was sent on Wednesday, the education minister has acknowledged that the Covid-prompted closure has affected over 2 lakh teachers and lecturers working in such schools as per his estimates.

“The staff have been put through unforeseen circumstances. In a fight between schools and parents, this community is the one most affected. We have seen and heard through media reports that teachers have been forced to work as daily wagers under MNEREGA while some others have had to sell fruits and vegetables to make ends meet,” he justified.

He also pointed out that since schools went offline, a good number of parents have failed to pay the school fee or have made no admissions into schools pushing them into severe losses.

Citing that such teachers from budget schools are going through financial crisis, he said that there is a need for immediate intervention. “If the government caters to this section of teachers right now, the future of our children can be secured,” Suresh Kumar said.

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