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After a baby is born, hygiene is the most important factor to be kept in mind. The health of a newborn baby is very critical. Despite its importance, hygiene is the least talked about topic. More lessons on personal hygiene need to be given by parents besides giving shaving lessons to boys and period talk to girls. There is much more to personal hygiene that is even ignored in advertisements. The body spray advertisements showing that it is enough to spray and go off without taking bath is to be blamed first out of all. Here are some modern tips on hygiene and cleanliness which need to be followed.

Let’s start with the mouth. You might be a fantastic speaker and utter the sweetest words with the sweetest voice but if your breath is not fresh, sorry you are not welcome to speak. Fresh breath is the most important factor of first impression. It is something that a person would be noticing willingly or unwillingly about you. What you can do is invest in an electric brush. It is the most recommended hygiene tip of a dentist. You can choose your electric brush from a broad range and affordable prices.

Another very important thing in mouth care is flossing. It cleans up the remaining food particles in between the teeth and makes your mouth fresh.

Another thing that is much ignored is brushing the tongue. This will make your breath fresh and also not allow germs to build up in the mouth. You can take various courses on hygiene after completing your MBBS as well.

Hygiene lies in small factors. Another very important hygiene factor is keeping feet clean. Smelly feet are the last thing a group of people likes to have in a room. It is important to dip your feet in warm water and scrub them. Keeping socks and shoes smell free is also very crucial. People notice feet just the moment they meet someone new. Thus, keeping them clean and fresh is very important to make a great first impression.

Changing bed sheets and pillow covers are another very important hygiene factor that should always be kept in mind. This would reduce the acne and back acne problem that some people might have.

A very common hygiene myth is that one needs to take bath every day. But guess what? It is not at all necessary. Rather it is supposed to take off the natural body oils. Shampoo every other day is also not recommendable. You can try dry-shampoo or you can also try a homemade remedy made of oats and baby powder. 

The hygiene needs of each and every person are different. Thus, one must not be following any hygiene advice blindly. Some people might sweat more or might have more oily hair, while some people might have dry skin or oily skin. Some people might have much more smelly armpits, while some might have sweating hands and feet. Thus, one solution won’t be generic to all.

There has to be a unique and different solution for all. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist or hygienist in case of any skin or hygiene-related issue. It is very important to treat these issues at the earliest and get a clear problem-free skin. Working hard is important but hygiene should not be ignored due to lack of time.

– Roopa Mehta

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