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MVJ College of Engineering students develop an app to meet basic medical needs

July 3, 2018

According to an official release on July 2, a group of four students from Bangalore based MVJ College of Engineering have developed an application called STABL (Step towards Better Life) which helps people to meet their basic medical requirements with ease. To cite an example, if a person is sick, the symptoms can be detected using this application, the doctor consultation, and even the medicines from the pharmacy will be delivered to your door-step using this app STABL.

This application is most useful for the city’s migrant population, making their life easier. 

The students who developed the unique app are Rohit N, Ruchitha DJ,  Shreyas S and Sreeram D Nair.

Talking about the project, Rohit says, 

“We are still working on the app and will come out with a fully functional version very soon.  We have designed this app keeping in mind numerous people who come to Bengaluru to work or study and do not know anyone here. Apart from these features the app also researches on what is the best food consumed for a speedy recovery”. 

An ailing person can report the symptoms that he/she is suffering through the app, following which, a doctor checks the patient either online or physically.

The doctor can upload the prescription upon the consent of the patient which will be sent to the nearest pharmacy and the medicines would be delivered in no time. (In case a prescription is available, it can be uploaded by the user which will be forwarded to the pharmacy). The app also sends reminders to the patient for taking the medicines as instructed by the doctor.

The app also researches and provides information on the best nutrition plan to be followed which can further aid a speedy recovery. The recipes for the same will also be displayed. An option to order the food from a nearby restaurant will also be provided.

From time to time, feedback from the user is collected as to how he is doing and his progress is tracked till he completely recovers.

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