National curriculum framework for school education great expectations: Praveen Raju

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Praveen Raju
Founder-director, Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad

Praveen Raju is founder-director of the CBSE (Delhi) and Cambridge International (UK)-affiliated Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad (estb.2011), which has over 1,500 children and 120 teachers on its muster rolls.

  • With primary school enrolment at an all-time high of 98 percent, it’s time for national focus to shift from ‘education for all’ to ‘quality education for all’ (QEFA). I am looking to the NCFSE to provide guidelines for improving the curriculums of India’s 1.5 million schools. A QEFA curriculum should develop children’s academic, physical and emotional intelligences.
  • NEP 2020 has strongly advocated multidisciplinary education. NCFSE should provide guidelines for integrating multidisciplinary including project-based and experiential learning into K-12 curriculums.
  • I am expecting NCFSE to give high importance to digital literacy and IT-enabled pedagogies to improve learning outcomes of children countrywide.
  • As mandated by NEP 2020, the NCFSE should provide guidelines on how to introduce vocational education in all school curriculums. This is necessary to teach children to apply academic knowledge.
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