Nurturing empathetic children

Empathetic Children

Vyshakha Chikkanagoudar, a psychologist at the Asara Centre for Psychological Wellness, Bangalore, suggests five ways and means to teach children the virtues of empathy and compassion:

• Model the art and etiquette of accepting and giving compliments.
• Use informal discussions, dinner-time conversations to help children learn how to accept other people’s opinions and judgements.
• Use the five magic phrases: Please, Thank You, You are welcome, I’m sorry, Excuse me                                      please in daily interactions and transactions at home.
• Create a caring climate at home by demonstrating empathy and compassion in transactions with family members and friends.
Children with responsibilities tend to be more empathetic and caring. Give your child specified tasks. For instance, allow her to care for the family or a friend’s pet. Teach her to help with household chores. When children are taught responsibility, they learn to care about others.

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