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Pearson Academy launches career guidance tool in six Indian languages

January 11, 2017

On January 10, Pearson Academy India (PAI), the services arm of Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, a leading global publisher of psychological assessments, launched six Indian language editions of My Choice My Future (MCMF), an online personality assessment solution for career guidance in the Indian context. MCMF empowers school and college students, and professionals discover their true personalities and map their modal personality traits to suitable career clusters. The launch event, during the 26th Annual Conference of the National Association of Psychologists (NAoP) at IIT-Madras, was well attended by educationists, school and mental-health professionals from across the country. 
With MCMF Indian Language Editions, students and professionals can self-assess their personality in six major Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, besides English. These additional language editions follow the publication of My Choice My Future in English and will empower millions of students and professionals make more informed career decisions. MCMF Indian language editions fill a long-felt gap in career guidance tools that cater to non-English speaking populations in India. 

With the addition of MCMF and its Indian language editions in its portfolio, Pearson Academy India (PAI) augments its career guidance offering in the K-12 and higher education segments.  By taking this scientific and culturally-relevant career guidance solution to thousands of schools and other institutions pan India, PAI aims to help millions of young individuals who struggle to make right and purposive career choices, especially those with limited or no exposure to the English language. 

MCMF is based on sound empirical research and has been statistically validated on a sample of more than 4200 students across India.  Mapped reliably to occupations in the Indian context, MCMF assesses an individual on twelve personality traits. These twelve are classified into four basic personality traits and eight career-oriented personality traits. The basic personality traits are important irrespective of the career path an individual wishes to pursue. The career-oriented personality traits are related to career domains. Each personality trait is measured by six dimensions. 

At the end of the 30-minute assessment, test takers promptly receive an automatically-generated, comprehensive and personalised personality report. PAI connects test takers to its nationwide network of certified MCMF counsellors so that these test takers can receive data-backed career counselling, based on the MCMF personality report, as part of the solution 

Benefits of MCMF include: 

– The test taker, student or professional, obtains tangible insights into their dominant career-related personality traits, to make informed and purposive career-related decisions. 

– Parents will be able to understand salient aspects of their child’s evolving personality in relation to career interests, and support their child’s personal development and career-related choices. 

– School and career counselors will obtain objective information on the personality profiles of students and other individuals, to offer effective, meaningful career counselling and advice to choose suitable career paths. 

Benefits of using MCMF Indian language editions include: 

– Language options capture a test taker’s career interests and personality variables more accurately for those who are not adequately exposed to the English language 

– Students from schools with vernacular medium of instruction can receive the right career guidance during important academic milestones 

– Government-supported skill development and education programmes can expand their reach into the child and youth population that lives beyond urban areas 

– Indian language editions for this online assessment contribute to the Government of India’s Digital India initiatives 

Comments Philip Kurian, country head and director, Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment, “We chose to bring MCMF Indian Language Editions to the market as a way of fulfilling our commitment to introducing assessment products that reflect our global standards while catering to Indian sensibilities. MCMF enables Indian students and professionals chart their career journeys based on objective insights and in a language of their choice.” 

During his keynote address at the launch, L. S. Ganesh, professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras stated, “It is very important for our youth to have a reliable way of assessing their personalities, especially from the perspective of their careers.

Alignment of one’s personality with a choice of career is necessary to experience professional satisfaction and greater workplace productivity.” 

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