Practicing multiplication tables with games

Do you find math boring or difficult? We have a solution for you. On  you can play all sorts of games with which to practice your multiplication tables. This makes learning your tables super fun!

Having fun practicing multiplication tables

It’s easy to learn if you’re having fun. Almost everyone likes playing games. That’s why the website has all kinds of games that will help you practice your multiplication tables in an easy and enjoyable way. There’s sure to be a game or two you like. Almost all of the games on the website deal with tables 1 through 12, all of which you need to know before you can go to secondary school.

Why do you have to learn multiplication tables?

You may not realize it, but you use multiplication tables almost every day. For example, do you need to hand out two sheets of drawing paper to everyone in your class? Then multiply the number of kids in your class with the number of sheets of paper to figure out how much paper you need to grab from the cupboard. Of course you can use a calculator to solve some equations, but that takes a lot of time, and most people don’t always have a calculator on them. Because multiplication tables are so important, they are often repeated during math class and often appear in quizzes. Calculators are often not permitted on those occasions either. That’s why you should try to become good at multiplication tables yourself. And you can have fun while learning them with the games at

Which math games are available on the website?

On the website you’ll find lots of games to learn your tables. With some games, like Table Mouse, you choose your playing level. In this game you solve multiplication tables while your mouse flees from angry cats and avoids other obstacles. There are all sorts of easy games for kids just starting to learn math. In the Toy Store you sell various toys while learning the 1 to 12 multiplication tables. There’s plenty to learn for children in the higher classes as well. Do you like ice cream, pirates or penguins? They too, will teach you multiplication tables.

multiplication tables with games Learning math with games: Does that really work?

You’ll learn the multiplication tables super fast with the games at Researchers have shown that children who play online math games solve equations much faster than children who don’t play. They also make fewer mistakes in their equations and tend to like math more. Do your parents not allow you to play computer games? Maybe they will make an exception and allow you to practice your tables with the math games on this website!

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