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Relevance of modern gurukul system in new India

– Raunak Jain, managing director, Tula’s International School.

Education has always seen the heavy hand of the whimsical nature of time, when considering a nation with a turbulent history as that of India. Education has been the most opted avenue of expressing freedom of will while inculcating the spirit of thought and moral conscience to a more transcending level. In spite of such rich connotations, the present educational system seems to be devoid of this very essence, promoting the mindless acquisition of knowledge to suit vocational pursuits.

It is an undeniable fact that the present-day society, which nurtures the younger generation, faces serious shortcomings in terms of moral, ethical, spiritual and Dharmik values. Parental pressures on children are increasing at an alarming rate, with stress to focus on the competitive examinations alone, taking a greater toll on the young mental framework. Children are getting alienated from the crucial aspect of personality development through moral and ethical training. The pointless pressure has taken the reallocation of educational parlance from a holistic approach towards education to farcical rote learning. Unfortunately, the standard of education has drastically deteriorated in the last couple of decades due to a lack of infrastructure and degradation of moral capacities. Consequently, both teachers and students have been completely deprived of the exceptional amenities that could foster a better standard of living.

Students need to have supple minds that are capable of analytical thinking while integrating complex core concepts that aid them to evolve as human beings. They need to build an infallible foundation of scientific and technological knowledge while staying true to their roles in the planet. This is possible through deep levels of determination, focus and concentration, that is enshrined in Gurukul learning. This is the reason why Gurukul systems are considered to be the best places to facilitate a sound learning environment.

Gurukul System

The kernel of Gurukul system of education is intrinsically based on time tested values and principles. It envisions its strength in developing a native sense of concentration and interest while enhancing a childs knowledge and development of the brain. The wards in the Gurukul are oblivious of outer distractions, living in close proximity of a teacher, where greater emphasis is laid on students mental, cognitive, spiritual and physical wellness. The system functions on the well-rounded holistic development of a child, enshrining values such as discipline, self-reliance, right attitude, empathy, creativity, and strong moral beliefs. Initiating children into such an enriching atmosphere in the early stages helps them hone their perceptive skills and critical thinking from a tender age, giving them an edge over others.


Often, Gurukuls are located at picturesque places enmeshed in absolute serenity, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is here that tender minds are encouraged to have a balanced, analytical vision, ensuring an ambience where education is objective yet rewarding. Location plays a central role; being ensconced amidst nature, devoid of any worldly distractions offers an environment which is most conducive to learning.

Self-reliance is one of the most crucial values that one imbibes from this isolation – one of the greatest values to inculcate as a human being. The serene ambience of such schools is ideal for education and holistic growth.

Modern infrastructure

Gurukul systems have a vibrant significance in Indian history, holding prominence over the sheer quality of education disseminated. At present, age-old concepts have amalgamated with modern culture to facilitate the progress of an enlivening learning environment for students. Traditionally, Gurukuls have always emphasised on the importance of practical knowledge. Similarly, Gurukul systems today believe that bookish knowledge and rote learning are mere tools of time, not sufficient enough to demonstrate the true value of human existence. Gurukuls provide practical knowledge under modern infrastructure including practical laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. The curriculum prepares student to excel in all fields of life, creating a perfect blend of academics and extra-curricular activities, making the educational journey remarkable.

Holistic education

At present, with parents becoming ambitious to make proud statements about their children’s academic performance, students are driven by the feeling of animosity by competing with their peers. Replacing a rank-based system, Gurukul builds a value-based and value-added education system that identifies and promotes the uniqueness of each student, allowing them to excel in their area of interest. One can visualise a better educational environment that builds the character of a student, and does not drag them down.


It is evident from the above-mentioned facts that the Gurukul system is the path towards a healthier, conscientious world. We should progress with this vision to educate young minds and foster ethical, social, moral and spiritual values through holistic learning.

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