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Remote learning has brought students and teachers closer

Remote learning has brought students and teachers closer: survey

October 14, 2020

Covid-19 affected the pace of education worldwide. However, on a good note, it also fostered a deeper relationship between teachers and students. This is what the latest survey conducted by the world’s largest learning platform for students, parents, and teachers brings to fore. Brainly surveyed its Indian user base on the theme ‘Difference made by the teachers during remote learning in the year 2020’. The answers registered from 2,274 respondents is a testament to the new beginning of teacher-pupil bonding.

Since hybrid learning has become the new normal in education, teachers are devising new approaches to teach the students effectively. Brainly asked its users if they find any difference in the teaching style of educators during online classes. 57.8 percent of respondents had an affirmative response, while 22.3 percent said it was hard to figure out a change in the teaching style. Only less than one-fifth (19.9 percent) of the respondents think the teaching method is still the same. Though a majority of students agreed that teachers adopted different methods, a further probe revealed that teaching technique plays an important role in generating interest in the coursework. 

64.8 percent of students firmly believe that a teacher’s teaching style affects the interest in a subject. Only less than one-fifth of the respondents (19.3 percent) claimed otherwise while 15.9 percent were unsure if teaching plays any part in developing interest in a subject.

It is noteworthy that not only students but also parents are finding homeschooling challenging. Online tools and platforms such as Brainly are helping them resolve the academic queries of their child and in keeping them engaged as they work from home. The current survey also revealed that teachers have become more approachable in solving academic problems. More than half of the respondents at 50.6 percent agree that it is easier to get through teachers for academic queries now. Approximately one-third (29.1 percent) of students feel they are as approachable as earlier, and 20.3 percent found it hard to decide. With schools shut, many educators are helping their students, irrespective of time and the nature of the query.

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However, in another question, 57.1 percent of Brainly users say they are trying to stay in touch with their teachers beyond academic help. 26.7 percent of Brainly users say they only reach out to teachers for clearing scholastic doubts.

Brainly asked if they feel excited about online classes. 52.6 percent of Brainly users look forward to taking classes online, while 31.6 percent would prefer the traditional classroom learning. Merely 15.8 percent of students found it hard to say.

When inquired on whether students consult their teachers in choosing the right career path, most of the students agreed to do so. 54.1 percent of students seek guidance from their teachers on career choices, as opposed to 28.1 percent who don’t. 17.8 percent were indecisive about teacher counselling.

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