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SAI International Education Group online success story

April 10, 2020

SAI International Residential School“The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. These disruptive times have challenged educational institutions to innovate and rethink their teaching-learning processes. At SAI International Education Group, we have managed to rise quickly above the circumstances and ensure continuity in learning for our children by leveraging the latest digital technologies. Throughout this unprecedented socio-economic-financial crisis, the SAI family has been working together closely to sail the ship safely through troubled waters. Together we shall build a better India through education.” – Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, founder, SAI International Education Group, Bhubaneswar, a conglomerate of Odisha’s top ranked institutions including  SAI International School, SAI International Residential School and SAI Angan.

A recipient of EducationWorld Grand Jury Award 2018 for adopting and integrating 21st century education best practices, SAI International Residential School  is also ranked #1 boarding school in the state of Odisha in EducationWorld India School Rankings 2019-20. While the  SAI International School is ranked among the top 3 co-ed day-cum-boarding schools countrywide in the EW India School Rankings 2019-20. Amid the ongoing emergency lockdown, the highly qualified faculty and management of SAI institutions have been designing an innovative online learning solution by integrating the latest digital technologies with the school’s ERP solution – SAI Academic Management System (SAMS) – to create the SAI Cloud School. Some of the ways in which SAI Cloud School has enabled a seamless virtual learning experience for students are:

Theoretical Resources: The online learning modules have short notes on the concepts along with relevant videos and learning material. This is augmented by the incorporation of exercises, both warm up and time bound. The feedback provided on the basis of the exercises enables the teacher to identify the strengths as well as areas of concern of students thus helping fill the learning gaps, if any, and also further strengthen the areas of interest.

Face-to-face Zoom Classes: The SAI team has been using the popular Zoom app to simulate a real classroom environment by facilitating face-to-face interaction with teachers. Conducted daily, the virtual classes follow a structured time-table which is shared in advance. Students not only enjoy the virtual face-to-facel learning experience but also have the opportunity to clarify their doubts on the spot.

Suggested Weekly Time-tables: Teachers share a suggested weekly time-table through the ERP software (SAMS) covering six to seven hours of learning each day – including time for yoga, hobbies, relaxation and play. Students can also reach out to SIRS learning mentors through a phone call and clarify their doubts, if any.

“It has been heartwarming to see the positive response of parents to our online classes. During these times, the partnership with parents is extremely crucial; we are glad to see parents equally engaged in the virtual learning initiative and ensuring punctuality and sincerity of their wards. Moreover, our technical/digital support team — that has been working tirelessly to provide seamless service to the SAIoneers and their parents — has ensured 100 percent resolution of queries, thus contributing to making SAI Cloud School a great success,” says Dr Sahoo.

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