Scholars Rosary School, Rohtak: Fliplearn Edge enables online success story

EducationWorld September 2020 | Spotlight Feature

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a formidable challenge for schools countrywide. It has disrupted school education in the most abrupt manner. However, this has also been a time when some schools made an almost miraculously seamless digital transition by leveraging smart and intuitive e-learning platforms like Fliplearn Edge. Scholars Rosary School, Rohtak is one such example of a digital transformation success story. Principal Preeti Gugnani shares her experience.

That e-learning will revolutionize our education system — from digital classrooms to customised content and dynamic assessments and instructions — has been gaining traction with many schools and education institutions turning to avantgarde edutech solutions.

But Covid 19 changed everything in a way nobody could envisage.

As the pandemic steadily spread, the concerns that might have taken years to resolve before schools transformed into ‘smart schools’ were all addressed in a matter of hours. Schools were forced to re-think delivery methods across all aspects of teaching and extra-curricular activities. There was simply no time for experimentation.

As schools fast forwarded to exploration of different edutech solutions, we at Scholars Rosary School also began a quick search and based on certain criteria opted to choose Fliplearn Edge soon after the government imposed national emergency lockdown countrywide forcing mass closure of schools. In fact, Fliplearn’s online platform and modular architecture offered tailormade features that exactly suited the requirement of our teachers and students.

One of the most promising features of Fliplearn Edge is its customizable, engaging and simplified content which it delivers with great ease of access to a plethora of features. This has simplified teaching-learning at Scholars Rosary School to a considerable extent. Instant broadcasting, scheduling and easy school calendar creation has bridged the channel of information sharing with students, parents and teachers. The software enables our teachers to upload videos, photos, or content at will and has provided a thrust to our teachers’ innovation and creativity. We are proud to share that we are now creating our own pool of digital content using the features provided within the app.

Education is incomplete without the support of parents. Fliplearn Edge enables smooth collaboration with parents at every step of the online teaching-learning process. We are also using the software for conducting fun quizzes and activities to eliminate boredom in the process of learning for our students.

This learning platform has phenomenally enhanced the productivity of our teachers as it offers them well-designed practice assignments and reliable question banks to help create assessments and quizzes on any topic regardless of grade. A comprehensive report of any number of students can be generated and shared in one click saving us enormous time and effort.

Teachers can also set question papers in no time by choosing objective, short answer or long answer type of questions from the inbuilt question bank. The platform also allows them to give specific instructions for the questions. Moreover teachers can schedule a test/ assessment in advance and enable the features of the number of attempts allowed, word limit, type and number of attachments uploaded. Teachers can also set a time limit for the test which can be edited by them at any given point in time and also use hide or show features and restrict access to a certain group of students or check the time spent by a child to answer any question or time taken to complete the assessment. In other words, Fliplearn Edge offers teachers complete control and flexibility to manage their teaching schedules.

For parents anxious about the future of their children in Covid era, its noteworthy that an e-learning platform like Fliplearn has played a vital role in providing a seamless connection to their education. While the world grapples with the ‘new normal’, teaching has transformed overnight and online learning is now a part of every child’s education cycle.

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