Students of Jodhamal Public School, Jammu compose poems on COVID-19

Amid the panic created by the pandemic, students of Jodhamal Public School, Jammu used their creativity to compose poems on COVID-19


Came a virus very deadly,
Came the rumor…. A confounded medley
Codified as Novel Corona or Covid-19
Has frustrated the lives of lakhs
Many children, elders and teen….
When an infected coughs or sneezes,
Droplets may enter our nasal cavity…
Or fall on many objects with much ease
The virus remains active for some days
And gets transmitted in many ways
A touch, a handshake or physical contact
Through carelessness in fact…..
So what should we do? In such cases
Avoid going to crammed places
Use your arm while you sneeze or cough
Wash your hands frequently-30 seconds enough
Insane eating habits are a cause to this threat..
But there is no time to regret
No handshake, NAMASTE in trending
There is a need to change, because
Lives are ending.
– Nishtha, Class 10 ‘E’


This is a fear
that’s making us aware
for the next problem
which is very surreal

Everything is closed,
Like a locked door.
But don’t get scared or bored.
The sugar is dissolved,
but the story isn’t over,
The problem isn’t solved 
but solution will discover.
Coronavirus may be ghastly
but let the world not be cowardly. 
– Jiniya Gupta, Class 8


Corona O Corona
Don’t think we can’t defeat you;
Our unity is our strength
And together we all will cheat you.
U made a lot of people suffer;
But don’t worry soon we will recover.
Our will power is strong
And we won’t let you survive for long.
Daania Butt, Class 8 ‘A’

COVID-19, The virus of CORONA
Originating from Wuhan in China,
Has created a unusual scare,
Crossing borders, on the Earth’s sphere.
From America to Zambia,
Everyone whether rich or poor;
Of any nationality and religiosity,
Is hit by the fear on their persona.
Till now in months
Many thousand lives are lost;
Unfortunately, one more shadow in cast.
LIFE, Virtually, has come to a standstill,
Including India, to a downhill.
Don’t panic; Fight the Pandemic!
Need to wash the hands frequently,
Remain in isolation, away from public,
Indside one’s home preferably.
Follow ‘JANTA CURFEW’ help save all
Honour deep rooted Indian saanskaar:
Greet people with a Namaskaar!
Persue unity and fight the fear
Stay HUMANE and have a vision clear..
Jaspreet, Class 10 ‘E’

Should I be disappointed for the pandemic you have caused? 
For initiating the curfew clause? 
For thousands of lives you paused? 
Or for the breaking of several laws? 
Millions of people infected
Global economy neglected
Why have you brought this clamour? 
I ask because this ain’t gonna give you any glamour I wonder;
Should I be grateful for the change you have caused? 
For your efforts in stopping the pollution of the lakes? 
For ending the nature’s aches? Soham Magazine (Class 8th)
For this should I give you an applause? 
Millions of animals unseized 
Global forestation achieved 
Now, I know why you had brought the clamour
Because you wanted the nature to glamour

– Soham, Class 8 

The boundaries of all states were sealed, 
The people of the country were reeled. 

36 patients of COVID 19 were cured, 
But the other 492 were still unsecured.

For India it was a sharp turn,
And the people had to become more stern.

Our Prime Minister helped us a lot,
By giving our minds a polite and positive thought.

If you are smart then you will wear a mask, 
And avoid going to places where there is a huge mass.

If you would ask me,
Then I would say that it is not a tough task.

One good thing that Corona virus has taught us,
Is to stay happily,
With your family.

We should not play with nature or else, 
We will be in grieve danger
  – Dashasav Singh

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