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Studying from home? here’s how to stay motivated and focused

Let’s face it – these are unprecedented times! The past 2 weeks have led India to deep-dive into a digital learning, study-from-home model. While it’s natural for you to feel confused & worried with this rapid escalation, the real test of this model lies with how well you adapt to it! Yes, you reading this piece!

And to help you ease into this sudden shift quickly & effectively, especially with lack of clarity around exams & submissions, here are surefire hacks from the experts that are bound to get you STUDYING SMARTER FROM HOME!

Set up a routine (Yes, a timetable if you must)

It is natural for you to feel a little scattered. Gently reorient yourself into a routine by creating a timetable for yourself and display it at your study table, so that it catches your eye. Plotting it out on a handy whiteboard surface with a marker works best.

Make lists

Lists are simple, lists make life easier! At least that’s what educationists & teachers the world over believe. So try this, get yourself a daily planner. And every morning, just before you start your day, plan out a list of things you’d like accomplished. And as you make progress through the day, mark it against your list. To make it fun, give yourself a reward (extra break time, a treat from the refrigerator, etc.) if you finish off your list.

Bookmark makes learning faster

Although there are plenty of phone apps that help bookmark info or store reminders, nothing beats the real thing. Because while the apps still require you to look into the screen to be reminded, a handwritten sticky note can be a visual aid of pages in books, tabs on your table & even a memory map of things you’re learning. To make it fun, use sticky notes to create jumbles of dates or formulae or facts & arrange them on your wall. Get it right & reward yourself again!

Give yourself little breaks between learning

Now that you are going to be spending a lot of time learning off bright screens or studying by yourself, remember to give yourself frequent breaks to rest your eyes, relax , and stretch your body. Set up an alarm to remind you of your break. Or announce your next break time on a sticky note right in front of you.

Get help from the family

Sure, home is where you rest & relax. But for the foreseeable future home is also where you’re going to be learning out of. Which means that you need to arrive at new rules to help everyone make the most of this new arrangement. Put out a Do-Not-Disturb sign on a whiteboard film outside your room if you want some focused study time. In time, parents & siblings will learn to respect your methods & assist you.

Set aside time in the day for social media

We all know the lure is real! Alt+Tabbing to a window where your social media pages beckon you is a real productivity buzzkill. So, spare yourself the distraction and give yourself focused study time, after which you can log back onto the ‘gram.

Eat healthy and on time

In times such as these, it is important to eat healthy, nutritious food. So, make sure you’re eating fresh food, on time. TIP: Make this fun for yourself and eat exactly at the time your lunch break was, at school or university.

Document your thoughts and concerns

This is a complex time for everyone the world over. So, it helps to document your thoughts and concerns, to discuss and share at a later time with peers, parents & teachers. Make it a habit not just to write down conceptual or subject-related doubts & questions but also those related to the happenings in the world and its impact. Maintain your own journal or planner for yourself.

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Arm yourself with the right tools 

The world is slowly realizing the fact that for the foreseeable future, online learning & study from home models are the most sustainable options we have. Which is why you need to get your hands on products that will help sustain your productivity at home.  Be it stacks of sticky notes or easy to install whiteboard films in different sizes, these products can set you up and have you good to go, in a jiffy.

In conclusion, remember that this is going to take some time & effort getting used to. But irrespective of the period, you can adapt to it & learn to make the most of it. So, stay safe, stay healthy, stay curious, stay focused!

– Sanjit Satapathy, Head of Consumer Business at 3M India

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily reflect the views, thoughts, and opinions of EducationWorld.

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