Teacher’s Day Oath Taking Ceremony

September 3, 2022

Over 52,000 teachers from all over India will be participating in a unique Teacher’s Oath Taking ceremony on the 5th of September.

This initiative is led by Early Childhood Association and the Association for Primary Education and Research,  with the vision to help teacher’s feel proud and committed to their work and mission.

Teaching is the most  humble profession and during the pandemic teachers contributed the most but were not given their due recognition due to which many teachers are not feeling respected. Many also feel that professionalism is lacking in the field and that is why ECA-APER decided to create a Teacher’s Oath that will help teachers feel more professional, committed and involved.

Dr. Swati Popat Vats President of ECA says, “An oath is a solemn promise regarding one’s future action or behaviour. This is the reason nearly all professions have oaths, they use words as a binding contract to hold them accountable for their ethical actions, behaviour and ultimate decisions. We felt that the teaching profession lacked an  oath taking ceremony and thus decided to design  an oath that both new and experienced teachers can take and feel the sense of commitment and belonging  to the profession.”

Harsha Ramaiya, National Core Committee member says, “ We wanted teachers from all kinds of schools to participate and feel like a community and thus the oath is available in seven different languages so that language is not a barrier.”

Hundreds of schools have prepared their teachers to participate in the oath taking ceremony to be held simultaneously on 5th September at around 11 am.

It will be a humbling start to a new tradition in the teaching profession and bring about a sense of professionalism and pride in teachers.

The Educators Oath

I _____________ hereby solemnly promise

To take care of my wellbeing

and the wellbeing of my students.

I promise to embrace

ethical practices in my teaching.

I promise never to be partial to any student.

I respect diversity and will be

sensitive to the needs of all my students.

Inclusion is a right that I

will always uphold for my students.

Respect for nature and every living

being will be a part of my lesson planning

I will be a green ambassador for our earth.

Learning is the right of every child

and I will uphold this right and

ensure that no child is left behind .

My student’s growth, safety,

wellbeing and learning will be my  goal.

Teacher's Oath

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