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There’s no place like the design industry. It’s a place where creativity aligns with technology, and where innovation thrives. Design is a vital aspect of our lives —from the clothes and ornaments we wear to cars & products we use, apps & websites we interact with, homes & spaces we spend time in, the content we watch & read are all being impacted by design innovation. As a designer, you have the power to shape the world in which we all live and make it appealing. The design industry is one of the fast-moving industries and undergoing transitions every day. It’s a challenging and visionary field to work in—and it can be financially rewarding, too.

Realizing the potential of design education to create the leaders of tomorrow, Dr Sanjay Gupta , Vice Chancellor, World University of Design – India’s first and only university dedicated to the creative domain is offering many specially crafted courses across various creative disciplines is taking about the emerging professions which will dominate the design industry in coming years.

Here are five emerging design professions which will rule various industries in the coming years:

1. Chief Design Officers or Chief Creative Officer – CDO’s or CCO’s provide creative leadership in companies. They are senior management professional that are also creative thinkers and passionate conceptualizers. They understand what society wants and cater to this by shaping those needs into reality. They have the ability to design, to prototype, to create, to really ignite, accelerate and facilitate the innovation process. From private to public sectors, from schools to colleges, everyone has begun weaving aesthetics into daily life. This has led to the ascendancy of the “Chief Design Officer”—a figure who oversees the overall design culture.

2. Multimedia artists and animators – Field of media is undergoing a huge digital transformation making it a new age profession. With the advent of digitalization and AR/ VR/ MR technologies, the reach of animators has increased like never before. Multimedia animators work in two- and three-dimensional models and create animation and visual effects for all forms of media including movies, games, advertisements, presentations, web design, architecture, digital marketing, medicine, education & training. So, if you thrive on technology and want to give wings to your imagination, this profession is meant for you.

3. Computer Scientist-Designers – With the internet expanding in all spheres of life, and most industries increasing their web presence and interactivity with their stakeholders and customers, demand for Design and Design Methods is also increasing rapidly in IT products and services. Computer Scientist-Designers are those that are not only well versed with computing approaches, tools, and technologies but are also familiar with nuances of Design approaches & applications. Specialized programs in this area prepare graduates who are better equipped than plain vanilla computer engineers to handle the complex, multi-disciplinary requirements of today.

4. Transportation Designers – The world is quickly moving away from fuel-driven vehicles to electric vehicles, from self-driven to automatic, from buying to hiring, from private to mass transit. The future is clear for professionals who can work in the transportation design industry, producing modes of mass transit across automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, trains, and other mass transit systems through the adept combination of aesthetics, ergonomics, manufacturing, marketing, safety, and economics. They may also get to specialize in emerging areas such as hybrid vehicles, recreational vehicle or aircraft interior design. If speed thrills you and automobiles catch your fancy, you probably want to become a transport designer and can explore this course.

5. Game Designers – As people are spending more and more of their work and leisure time on their gadgets, the world of gaming is expanding its scope to capture their attention. Gaming is being used not only in the entertainment industry but in education, sales, research, and many other industry segments. If you love storytelling, programming, and enjoy playing with digital tools, this profession is probably the one you should watch out for. Game designers are responsible for drawing up the concepts based on the target audience, and then bringing this concept to life. This may involve developing plots and characters, creating the user interface and inputting script to generate interactive game-play elements.

If design is what you are passionate about, the above mentioned are the courses which will enable you to fulfill your career aspirations while also following your passion.

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