Top five toy brands that prepare children for academics

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This statement holds utmost importance in the times we are living in. Online learning is ramping up and children are constantly sitting in front of their screens and attending classes which prevent them from gaining exposure which is crucial for the growth and development of your child. It is very important to educate your child but at the same time, it is also very important to give them a comfortable engaging space that gives them the scope to grow.

5 brands of toys that prepare your child for future academics

Here are 5 brands of toys that prepare your child for future academics and make the learning experience fun for them!

  1. Playshifu: Playshifu is an Indian company started by two fathers to make screen time more meaningful for children. Their tech-savvy toys combine physical toys with digital gameplay which makes learning a fun experience for your kid. Their products are the Plugo series, the Orbot series, and the most recently launched Taco series. The interactive AR Globe lets you travel around the world with just one click while the Plug letters bring alive stories on screen. Playshifu offers various toys which help your child gain STEM and STEAM skills thus helping them build a strong foundation in their learning years.

  1. GeniusBox: Genius Box kits focus on developing important skills and learning that help children communicate, share, play, and learn naturally. These kits are theme-based and cover subjects like Geography, world awareness, STEM, and many more. Each GeniusBox activity kit consists of innovative art and craft materials, DIY project materials, and other learning materials that help in enhancing the child’s motor skills and develops creativity.

  1. Vikalp: This is a curriculum-based maths and life skill solution kit for children between 2-11 years. The activity box contains an activity book, learning toys, and a parent handbook. A learning expert is assigned which keeps a track of your child’s development. You can also log in and watch videos and play games to make maths learning for your child a delightful experience.

  1. MySparklebox: Sparklebox is an activity kit that helps children learn concepts through a variety of engaging activities. Its Grade Nursery maths kit includes 12 activities like number bonds, comparing numbers, addition, identifying patterns and shapes, and many more.

Learning happens beyond books and sparkle boxes ’ specially curated kits help children to perform and understand the concepts in practical form through hands-on activities. 

  1.  Shummee: Shummee provides educational toys for kids aged up to 4+ years. They provide subscription boxes for kids. Once you order a box you get a new box every 3 months. Their specially designed open-ended toys help children learn while they play. Shummee strives to create innovative learning toys for kids that provide the much-needed break from screens. This eco-friendly company aims to reduce plastic from the environment and thus they only manufacture wooden toys.

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