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Vista International School: Preparing students for a fast-paced world

EducationWorld May 2022 | Spotlight Feature
Suresh Challa– Suresh Challa, Founder-Director, Vista International School

In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is imperative for children to have the ability to discern, to appreciate that wisdom and knowledge have no limitations and to learn and question more. But how can we ignite curiosity in a child, foster creativity, and encourage critical thinking? After extensive research on this subject, Vista International School, Hyderabad was started in June 2011 to realise our dream of contributing to national development.

The distinguishing features of a Vista education is its focus on inculcating and developing the 21st-century skills in students, its well-trained, highly qualified, and competent teaching staff and excellent home-school partnership. Moreover, the Vista team makes every effort to ensure that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom, further aiding the integrated growth of the learners besides helping them develop valuable life skills, sensitising them to the needs of the less privileged sections of the society and making them aware of the harsh realities of life, to make them more empathetic.

Our teaching strategy blends direct instructions, collaborative, and inquiry-based learning to ensure that education is coherent across the programme and allows students and teachers to interact freely. The learning goals are specifically designed for the needs of young learners, ensuring high-quality educational programmes that help unlock their critical thinking and analytical abilities. Today more than ever it is essential to teach children critical thinking abilities so that they learn to discern facts from opinions. 

To ensure holistic student development, we have invested generously in an enabling infrastructure.  All aspects of Vista’s infrastructure — ultra-modern classrooms, well-designed innovation studios, computer labs, music rooms, theatre & drama rooms, library, a visual arts room and excellent sporting amenities – are designed to nurture students’ curiosity and provides them a platform to learn, grow and explore, and to acquire a better understanding of themselves and their environment.  The well-stocked library, accessible both offline and virtually, along with a reading programme — The Savant’s Voyage — encourages Vistaians to make reading and assimilation of knowledge an integral part of their life. Monthly newsletters and an annual school magazine give the students an opportunity to explore their literary and artistic talents. They also get to acquire hands-on experience in editing.

To enable students gain knowledge beyond their textbooks and comfort zone, we have promoted several students interests clubs such as Theatre Art Club, Cookery Club, Art & Craft Club, Eco Club, Community Service Club, Literary Club and Creative Writing Club. The Gavel Club, the school edition of Toastmasters International, provides students opportunities to hone their leadership and public speaking skills. Our students also have opportunities to participate in the Model United Nations conferences in collaboration with independent organising bodies as well as other schools. Year-round events such as Annual Day, Intra-School Talent Show, School Fete, Club Closures and Inter-School Fest helps keep students’ spirit and excitement high. Age-appropriate educational trips and excursions provide students an environment where they can learn, thrive, and grow – transcending the physical boundaries of their classroom.  Apart from this, innovative programs are in place to encourage entrepreneurship, gain financial knowledge and money management skills and attain hand-on skills like carpentry, electro-mechanical works etc. in a well-equipped maker’s lab.

At Vista, we strongly believe that providing students a perfect environment for learning and growing encourages them to perform better – in both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. This has earned us several laurels and recognition over the years. We are also the proud recipient of the EducationWorld Grand Jury Award under the ‘Emerging High Potential School’, ranking #7 countrywide and #2 in Hyderabad and Telangana in #2 for the year (2021-22).

Our principal Mary Shanti Priya has proved her mettle as a true leader by ably guiding the students and empowering them to perform better in all walks of life. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and accolades. Moreover, our students have brought glory to the school by winning several inter-school competitions and sporting tournaments. This is just the inception – the Hall of Fame at Vista International School keeps growing with pride, gratitude and delight.  

We believe in consistent growth, development and keeping up with the times. To achieve this goal, we are committed to continuously improve, evolve and strengthen all aspects of education delivered at Vista International School.

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