Event Management: Events managers are hot property

Suddenly events management firms and start-ups are sprouting across the country and event managers are in great demand
From organising birthday bashes, wedding anniversaries to college festivals, Indias newly arrived and fast-multiplying tribe of events organisers or managers (as they prefer to be known) have entered the corporate world with panache and pizaaz. Suddenly, event management (EM) firms and start-ups are sprouting all over the country and events managers with the requisite skills and training are hot property in a languishing jobs market.

Events management as a vocation has its origins in in-house events — including beauty pageants. But circa the mid-1980s corporate managers became aware that they could target small and specific markets and build up customer goodwill and patronage by organising fun-filled brand promotion events.

Hitherto companies tended to focus solely on above-the-line marketing, spending on traditional mass media such as television, radio, and print advertising to promote their brands and products. Of late, however, they are venturing beyond mass media to win friends and influence people. Consequently, promotion budgets have jumped to as high as 40 percent in some cases.

Because carefully orchestrated events facilitate direct interaction with captive consumers, a growing number of corporate managements are providing for them in their sales promotion and marketing budgets. Whether they are glittering product launches, silver anniversaries of hit films, sponsored cultural events, fashion shows, or big fat weddings, they all have to be professionally organised down to the smallest detail. This requires a lot of backstage work and professional expertise.

Qualities required for success in this yet-developing profession are an ability to work long hours, to take spot decisions with little room for mistakes, intelligence, and creativity. Another requirement is a working knowledge of civic, criminal, and other laws to deflect the heavy hand of the police and municipal authorities and to protect the interest of clients.

During the past few years several institutes have sprung up to offer courses in events management. Although a good degree and on-the-job training are adequate, a diploma in events management is an additional advantage in the present scenario.

Events management is offered as a subject in most advertising and public relations courses. Though not comprehensive, they do provide a brief overview of the subject. Specialised courses are offered at several institutes which have recently sprung up in Mumbai and other parts of the country. You can opt for a course in event management armed with just a Bachelors degree or a Plus Two certificate. Information about formal events management training programmes in other parts of the country is not readily available. However, few among the high profile institutes offering formal EM training are:

International Institute of Event Management, Mumbai, offers a one-year, part-time certificate programme in EM.

Taleem, Mumbai, offers a choice of four courses: a six-month part-time basic management course; a one-year advanced management course; a three-month full-time intensive crash course and a correspondence course.

National Institute of Event Management (www.niemindia.com), Mumbai, with branches in Pune and Hyderabad, offers a 11-month part-time diploma in event management; 11-month part-time PG diploma in event management; and a 11-month diploma in advertising, media, and event management
College of Event & Management (http://coemindia.com), Pune, offers PG diploma in event management, diploma in event management, and special diploma in event management

Institute of Tourism & Future Management Trends (www.itftindia.com), Chandigarh, offers a PG diploma in event management and conference and a three-month certificate course in conference and event management (correspondence)

Event Management Development Institute (www.emdiworld.com), Bandra, Mumbai, with branches in Pune and Bangalore, offers a postgraduate diploma in event management and public relations and postgraduate diploma in event management

International Centre for Event Marketing & Management (www.iemindia.com), New Delhi, offers a six-month part-time certificate course in event marketing and management

National Institute for Media Studies, Ahmedabad, (www.nifms.com) offers a 12-month, part-time diploma in event management

National Academy of Event Management and Development (www.naemd.com), with branches in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, offers diploma and post graduate diploma in event management

EMDI Institute of Media and Communication (www.emdi world.com), with centres in Mumbai and Pune, offers diploma and post graduate diploma programmes

CREATIVITY GALORE. This is a very interesting, creative, competitive, and innovative business. No two events can be the same. Its very similar to advertising but in events management you have to be more interactive. In the past few years, theres been an incredible growth in this line of business,” says 20-something Archana Trasy, senior events manager of Wizcraft International, one of the first and biggest events management companies in India.

After graduation in 1994, Trasy worked in Mahindra & Mahindras export division and then with the real estate firm, Richard Ellis before switching over to Wizcraft International in 1996 — the best career move of my life”. Today with her team of 10, Trasy manages prestigious events like the International Filmfare Awards (held at the Millenium Dome at Sun City in 2000) which is held in different cities of the world every year. Similarly we are licencees of the annual Ford International Supermodel Contest, the annual World International Supermodel Contest and World International DJ Mixing Championship. These are all Wizcraft branded properties and its very exciting and challenging to organise these events,” she enthuses.

According to Trasy, practical training on the job after graduation is the best school. A lot of youngsters today are attracted to this career because its entertainment related. They get to meet many celebrities and its a lot of fun. But they need to understand that its not all fun; the hours are long and erratic and you have to be creative and innovative

Happy to have finally found a career she enjoys, Trasy says, theres a great future in this field for the energetic and the innovative. Soon events management will acquire industry status like television and films and thousands of youngsters will be employed in this field,” she predicts.

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