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Exercise tips to keep fit and stress-free before board exams

– Rashmi Singh, principal, EuroSchool, Chimney Hills, Bangalore

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought ambiguity in almost all aspects of the society, including schooling. In India, the students appear for board examinations every year and the pandemic has flipped the concept of school, classes and extra-curricular activities. Another important area of focus during the pandemic, is the ‘physical & mental fitness’ of the children. Schools and parents have been working hard to ensure continuity of academics and extra-curricular activities to keep children engaged and happy. 

It is that time of the year where children will be appearing for the board exams. However, unlike every other year, this year, the complexity has doubled due to distance learning or what we call virtual learning. Educators, children, parents have been doing their best to study and ready themselves for the examinations all through the year, virtually. Along with long study hours comes also the physical and mental stress linked to constant concentration, writing, short refreshment breaks and disturbed sleep schedules.

While virtual schooling has been immensely effective and beneficial for children throughout the year, it cannot replace the one on one relationship of students with a teacher which develops during physical classes in the school. With practice sessions and revision schedules shifting online coupled with the stress of the pandemic, students are more anxious this year, compared to the previous years.

Let us look at some essentials tips that can help the students to stay stress-free and fit before and during the examination.

  1. Regular exercise – It is very important to play or do some amount of exercise regularly. Studies have shown that exercises work as a ‘Mood Enhancer’. It increases attention span and facilitates good academic performance. The increased blood flow keeps the brain active. After participating in a session of physical activity children respond faster and with greater accuracy to a variety of cognitive tasks.
  2. Meditation – It has been proved that meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Students who practice meditation regularly are more focused. They have better brain integrity and efficiency. It keeps students happier and confident. There is a noticeable change in the behavioural pattern of the students who practice meditation regularly.
  3. Yoga – Yoga has its own set of benefits. Yoga can help by reducing stress and adding confidence. It helps to make the mind clearer and produces a sense of peace. It also helps in maintaining emotional balance and handling frustrations constructively.
  4. Drinking enough water – Studies have proved the positive impact of drink sufficient water on the cognitive abilities of the students. Dehydration leads to lower concentration and poor performance during examination. Students who keep themselves hydrated keep all the toxins out of their body which leads to a much more active body and healthy mind.
  5. Sufficient Sleep – It is important to ensure a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Few students study till late in the night or wake up too early in the morning leaving only 4-5 hours of sleep which is not recommended. Early morning studies is the best time to concentrate and prepare well for the examinations. Research shows that going late to bed and daytime sleepiness caused hence, hurts the academic performance of students.
  6. Healthy Food – A regular breakfast and intake of healthy foods at regular intervals are said to have a positive impact on the gut and the overall digestion. The nutrients received from healthy foods help the body fight against stress and illnesses and keep the body fit. 

We all know that Healthy Mind stays in a Healthy Body. 

Thus if the students can follow the aforementioned tips, it will help them stay positive, recharged and well-rested as they prepare themselves for the upcoming board examinations.

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