Fliplearn Edge: helping teachers & students continue learning amid pandemic

EducationWorld January 2021 | Spotlight Feature

History has shown us that pandemics have the potential to bring about fundamental changes in many critical areas of our life. Some of the most visible changes seen over the last year have been in the education space. The COVID-19 crisis has forced education systems across the globe to find alternatives to face-to-face instruction. In all this, online learning has received unprecedented push. A digital learning platform like Fliplearn has emerged as a panacea for schools in India, allowing them to go online almost overnight.

Fliplearn, a pioneer in e-learning has taken up the mantle of leadership in times of Covid pandemic to ensure that students don’t miss out on the academic year. Fliplearn Edge, an award-winning e-learning platform supplements a child’s learning with the help of fun and interactive digital content that has been mapped to all education boards in India and aims to help schools across India to effectively push the academic calendar forward. Fliplearn’s custom-made, engaging, and simplified content, and easy access to an array of impressive features, has helped simplify teaching and learning by teachers. Instant broadcasting, scheduling and easy creation of school calendar has bridged the channel of information sharing with students, parents, teachers, and more.

Today, teachers need to adopt the most effective ways to enhance their teaching, use data-driven instructional methods, resolve the social and emotional difficulties of students, close gaps in achievement, and ensure that all students are prepared for the economy of the 21st century. Challenging as all of this is, pandemic times have made it harder than ever before!

Fortunately, Fliplearn tools have been curated to give teachers complete control of their students’ learning and to offer a fun and interactive learning experience. Fliplearn Edge enables teachers to upload videos, photos, or content at will while allowing for individual innovation and creativity. Teachers can also create question papers through an inbuilt bank with each question allowing a pre-set flexible format for answers – objective type, short answer type, or long answer type. The automated checker for both objective and subjective tests gives the teacher more time for personalized attention to each child.

Teachers can also schedule a test or assessment in advance. Other features that can be enabled (and edited as and when required) include the number of attempts, word limit, type, number of attachments uploaded, the time limit for a test. Teachers also have the ability to hide or show features and can restrict access to a certain group of students. Besides the above, teachers can also see the time spent by a child to answer any question or time taken to complete an assessment.

Fliplearn uses software for conducting fun quizzes and activities to eliminate boredom in the process of learning for students.

Fliplearn Edge also enables smooth collaboration with parents at every step of the online teaching-learning process.

Testimonials from teachers and students at renowned schools bear witness to the success that Fliplearn Edge has achieved in enhancing education through e-learning.

Saurabh, MDN Public School“Fliplearn App has gamified quizzes as well as 2D & 3D animated videos; this made my learning experience fun and more interactive. The best part is we can also challenge our classmates and compete in a fun and healthy way. This makes our learning process interactive as well as enjoyable”. – Saurabh

Divya, MDN Public School“Digital platform like Fliplearn offers a lot of advantages to teachers; it helps enhancing the technical and presentation skills of teachers. It also helps in my time management. Online learning will be the new normal and there is no denying that e-learning platforms will only play a greater role as technology continues to improve the education system in India through cost-effective and user-friendly digital solutions. Fliplearn Edge is helping us teachers get the technology edge we need to stay relevant and effective.” – Divya

Kamya Dutta“To simplify the ideas and explain questions and clear fundamental concepts, Fliplearn has built world class digital tools. This helps us to properly absorb knowledge and Vaneet Kaurimproves comprehension”. – Kamya Dutta

“Thanks to Fliplearn platform, we have an excellent method of imparting lectures unbound by location or time. Teachers can opt for the timings as per their convenience. Fliplearn Edge is the best virtual learning tool for learning institutions or teachers to help guide, monitor and evaluate a student’s learning even when the child is away from school.” – Vaneet Kaur


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