Superfoods for your super kids

What are superfoods?

The term superfoods refers to foods that contains exceptional levels of nutrition, especially high levels of either vitamins or minerals. They are mostly plant-based but some fish and dairy products too are included as part of the superfood family. 

But including only superfoods won’t keep you healthy. According to the American Heart Association, superfoods “alone won’t make you healthier – but adding these nutritious foods to an already balanced diet can bring health benefits.”

Advantages of superfoods

Not only nutrients,  they also contain antioxidants which are known to keep dangerous cancer cells at bay. Besides, superfoods also contain healthy fats that can help prevent heart disease, fibre to ward off digestive problems and phytochemicals that helps lower risk of chronic diseases. Here are the top superfoods that even your kids will love.

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Blueberries are high in vitamins, soluble fibre and phytochemicals. Other than providing overall nutrition, these fruits are known to reduce the risk of heart problems. You can also include strawberries and raspberries in your kid’s breakfast as these too are extremely nutritious.



Rich in monounsaturated fat, avocados play an important part in a child’s growth and development. Right from brain development to eye health, this green fruit is ideal for children of all ages. You can add this fruit to sandwiches, salads or simply blend it into smoothies.



While all green vegetables are full of nutritious elements, kale is a powerhouse containing more calcium, vitamin A and K than any other veggie. While raw kale may taste bitter, you can incorporate sauteed kale into pastas, smoothies, noodles, ricotta or simply bake it to make it look more delicious for your kids.



This superfood is high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fat, which is good for heart health. They are also a great source of protein and are high in Vitamin B. Loaded with potassium and selenium, it improves bone health and reduces risk of thyroid. To make it tasty, you can make a salmon fish sandwich, or use it tacos or bake it in a butter garlic batter.



The newest entry to the superfood family, mushrooms, like other superfoods have immense health benefits. Neither a fruit nor a vegetable, these plant-based foods were once only considered as flavor enhancers in pizzas. Apart from their medicinal properties, they are also a good source of Vitamin B, fibre and protein. You can make a tasty Indian curry out of them or add to fried rices, noodles or pasta.

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