Five superfoods to give your child every day

Bananas contain a lot of fibre, to help fight constipation. They are also high in potassium, and are good for kidneys, bones, heart and nerves.


Milk gives kids the calcium they need for growing bones, and also contains protein and vitamins, aiding growth and strength. Children need two-three glasses of milk every day. If they don’t drink it, use other dairy products like cheese, buttermilk or curd.


Eggs contain protein as well as many essential minerals and vitamins. An egg is like a multi-vitamin capsule, packing in many vitamins and nutrients in a small format, making it easier to get the nutrients children need. They are also versatile, and can be cooked in many different ways. One or two eggs at breakfast will give your child’s health a big boost.


Raisins are rich in iron and fibre. They pack in energy and satisfy the sweet teeth of children. They are a healthy alternative to candies and other sweets.


Nuts are rich in protein and many minerals like zinc and folate. They fight heart disease and contain ‘good fats. They make a healthy snack, and can fight child obesity if they are used instead of junk food. But watch out for packaged nuts — they may have too much salt.

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