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Nutri-choices for your child

Food and drink supplements in the market promise a wide variety of health benefits for children. But there is nothing like good old home cooking to give your children the right nutrients. Here is a quick Nutrition Guide to help you.


1. Nutrient:
2. Carbohydrates
3. Protein
4. Fats
5. Vitamins
6. Minerals
7. Fibre
8. Benefits:
9. Energy for growth, development and activity
10. Growth and repair

Source of stored energy, protects body from cold

1. Needed to promote vision and growth, build immunity and maintain nervous, muscular, and digestive systems.
2. Needed for building bones, development, making blood cells, functioning of muscular, immune and nervous systems.
3. Aids digestion


1. Chappatis, rice potatoes, bread and cereals
2. Milk, eggs, meat, dal, fish, soya milk
3. Cashewnuts, groundnuts, beans, soya beans, milk, eggs, fish
4. Fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese eggs, meet
5. Almonds, soy beans, mushrooms, fruits, eggs, vegetables
6. Apples, bananas, whole wheat products, carrots, oats

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