Safety tips for Diwali celebrations

Safety tips for Diwali

The most exciting festival of the year is just around the corner and we are all looking forward to the fun and festivities! However, as the saying goes – “Better safe than sorry” so it is advisable to follow a few safety measures to ensure a safe and joyous Festival of Lights for you and your loved ones.

1. Cotton garments

Make sure everyone in the family – kids and adults both – wear cotton clothes while playing with fireworks. Synthetic fabrics catch fire very easily.  

2. Well-fitted clothes

Make sure your children’s arms and legs are covered in well fitted clothes. Fire catches easily on flowing, trailing garments. For the girls, make sure the dupatta is pinned back properly.

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3. Quality of crackers

Purchase firecrackers only from legal manufacturers and make sure to read the instructions before using them. Good quality firecrackers reduce the risk of mishaps.

4. Emergency numbers

Make sure you have the emergency numbers noted down – numbers of doctors, fire station, police station, etc in case of any emergency.

5. First Aid Kit

Most important safety tip is keeping a first aid kit handy for emergency purpose.

6. Fire extinguisher

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby while bursting firecrackers. A bucket of water or sand can also come handy in tackling a minor fire mishap. 

7. Discard used fireworks

Discard the used firecrackers with care. You can either put them in a bucket of water or cover them with some sand to dissipate the heat.

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